Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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Hey Guys,

So have you got Royal Wedding Fever? I think that's a thing! Are you a massive Royal Fan? I think I sit in between, I'm a great fan of the Royal Family but yet, I don't follow them religiously, just the big moments like the births and weddings! Having said that, Britain, in fact the world seem pretty excited about the Royal Wedding and its taking over, literally everywhere, its all I see know. How are the Royals connected to this post, they're not! I'm writing up this post as a Royal Wedding Cooking Feature popped on TV and I started writing, blogging ey? Onto the actual post, I'm talking all things KNOW Cosmetics, its a brand I've read a few blog posts about and I've been kindly sent a few items to try, lets get into the post ...

No Dark Shadows (£15.00)*

Lets start off with the concealer, its essentially for the under eyes and I've been using it on/off for the past month or so and I've grown to like it. Its a shade lighter than what I usually would go for but it works perfectly to help brighten the under eyes. I would say its a medium coverage but it does get a little drying if I haven't applied eye cream, also I do have to be quite quick in blending the concealer out because of the drying.

No Bare Brows (£12.50)*

This is my fave out of the bunch, for sure! Its a 2 in 1 brow product, with a filling pencil on one side and on the other side is white pencil to help carve and define the brows. It also comes with sharpener and a little brow brush attachment. I'm fussy when it comes to brow products because I want something natural and very easy to use, and this does just that. It fills my brows the way I want them and is super super easy to use.

No Bleeding Lips (£12.50)*

I was so confused when I saw this, I didn't know what it was, then I read the box and realized its an invisible lip liner. You line your lips with it, and then apply a lipstick/gloss and it stops the product from bleeding/feathering. I haven't used this much, because I personally don't have many lipsticks that bleed but with those that do, this works perfectly. It keeps the lipstick in place and the lip liner itself glides on easily.

No Thin Lips (£12.50)*

This is a lip plumper, which helps makes the lips look fuller and more plumped. I've never tried a lip plumper, so this was a first. When I used it, it made my lips feel all tingly but I do have to say, after a few seconds, my lips looked much more fuller! I don't know how much use I'll get out of this because I like to apply a lipstick and go, but its a great product if you'd like a quick little lip plump!

There we have it, have you tried anything from KNOW Cosmetics?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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