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Is It Worth It? | SENSATIONAIL ♡

Hey Guys,

So, are you a fan of Gel Nails? Shellacs Perhaps? Or are you an Acrylic, Fake Nails kinda Person? When I was a kid, I used to love Fake Nails, my mum would always get the kid version of fake nails, from Claires Accessories and I'd be there in the evening sticking each on! When I got to about 14, I went in, and got the fake nails from Boots, from the Nail section, and it was life changing. I really didn't like it, the glue, the fuss and the mess, I don't think I've bought a pack since. That's when my love for Gel Nails came into play, my aunt took a Gel Nail course, and used to practice on my nails, I couldn't get enough, I loved the effect! Then when Prom came around, I went to a proper salon and had my nails done and thought, this needs to be a regular thing lol. Buuuut, it can get pricey, I know in London, Gel Nails can cost up to £80!! And the cheapest I've seen is £20, which is still a lot. So now, I only get my nails professionally done when there's a big occasion. However, I've kindly been sent the SENSATIONAIL*, an at home, gel nail kit and here's a little verdict ...

What is the SENSATIONAIL* (£49.99): 
Well, its Polish to Gel Transformer, its a kit that allows you to mix any regular nail polish with the Polish to Gel Transformer which helps you achieve a gel polish, with long-lasting, shiny/glossy nails.

What's in included:

LED Lamp & USB & Mains Charger
Gel Cleanser
Gel Primer
Polish to Gel
Lint-Free Wipes
Mixing Pot
Double-Sided Nail Buffer
Manicure Stick

I thought I'd start off by explaining the steps/instructions and then get onto what I actually think right at the end. So, its relatively easy, in my opinion, when I used it for the first time, it took the best part of 25 Mins to do both my hands, and I kept referring to the instructions. The process becomes much familiar once you've done one hand. So how do you actually create Gel Nails? ...

1. File & Buff the nails, wipe the nails with the wipes, which has been damped with Gel Cleanser
2. Apply Gel Primer to each nails and wait to dry.
3. Mix 6 drops of the Polish to Gel with 6 drops of a nail polish of choice, in the little pot provided.
4. Brush on the mixture and place hand in the LED Lamp for 30 Seconds.
5. Apply a second coat, and place hand in the Lamp for a further 30 seconds.
6. Brush on the Polish to Gel on each nail, place hand in Lamp for 15 Seconds.
7. To finish wipe the nails with a wipe soaked in gel cleanser.
My Verdict:

Its genius. Truly. I love the Gel Effect and what I love even more is that I can get Gel Nails whenever I want, and with the nail polish I want. Obviously, I won't get the professional, salon finish, and that's purely because I'm rubbish at filing my nails, and can be a messy painter, but I think with practice, I'll get there! And the more I use the kit, the better the effect will be and it won't take me as long. I was a little nervous about the LED Lamp and its safety, but after having done some research, it really is a safe product to use.

The nails last around 2 weeks (around the same period as professionally done gel nails) and can be removed within 5 Minutes, without damaging the nails. Is it worth it? TOTALLY. If you're a fan of Gel Nails or want them at your pleasure, without Salon costs, this is for you. Yes, its a pricey at £50, but that's a one off payment, and you can enjoy the kit at home. And that totally beats £20+ twice a month.

There we have it, are you a fan of Gel Nails? Has this Kit taken your fancy?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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