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HAX: The Shimmer Cut Crease Kit ♡

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So, Makeup Kits? I think I'm a fan, you may remember the review I wrote on the Kylie Lip Kits, I loved them, but I don't use them as often now, I think I've just grown out of the shades, I really need to get back into them because my, they were pricey! Anyway, since then, I've purchased a few more kits, makeup kits that is, not Kylie ones, I'm talking Brow Kits, other Lip Kits and some of them have been hit and miss. But I've never tried a Cut Crease Kit, which is what I'll be reviewing today, I was kindly sent a Kit and I can't lie, I was a little nervous using it. You all know that I'm not the best at applying basic Eye Shadow, and so a Cut Crease was always a no-go, I mean I've only just got into Eye Shadow itself lol. Any who, here's a quick little review of the Kit ...

What is it?
The Shimmer Cut Crease Kit*
A Kit that helps you create a Cut Crease with a Glitter Effect. The brand name HAX, essentially stands for Hack, quite cool and clever in my opinion!

What's included?

1. Eye Liner
2. Eye Shadow:
3. Cut Crease Guide
4. Shimmer Powder
5. Shimmer Applicator
6. Cutting/ Blending Brush Duo
And a step by step guide to help you create the cut crease.

How much and where from?
The Kit, along with a few other Kits from the brand (Cut Crease & Lip Kits) are sold on ASOS for different prices. However, this specific kit retails at £19.99. In my opinion, its a good price, because not only are you getting the guide, you're getting eye shadow, shimmer powder and an eyeliner for far less than what one would normally pay even at the drugstore. Not to mention the inclusion of the brushes. It provides you with all the tools and makeup you need.

Right, are you going to give us the lowdown now?
Yep, so, I'm in two minds about this. Lets start with the positives, its a decent kit, you can create a cut crease, the aim lol. Also, I like the step guide, it has a good amount of detail and you don't get lost and confused between the steps, its easy to follow. However, I found the shimmer very messy, I knew it would be messy to apply because its a loose powder but I wasn't expecting it to be as messy as it was. And I didn't get along with the Shimmer Applicator, I found it hard to place the shimmer powder onto my lid and it didn't look effortless. Having said that, I reverted to using the shade Chocolate Gold from the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette, whilst using the blending brush duo provided in the kit to help blend it out. That worked a lot better. So you can see why I'm on the fence, the kit itself is great, but I think when I use it again, I'll opt to use different shadows. I do believe, the Kit is good if you've been wanting to get into that Cut Crease Life, or actually, it would make a great gift for a makeup lover.

As I like to call myself a beginner to eye makeup, I didn't create the best cut crease, which is why I'm going to save you all lol, but with practice and continuous use, I'll get there. I will never know how Youtubers and Makeup Artists create the most unique, effortless and simply breathtaking eye makeup, it really is a skill. I'm not one for eyeliner, so I chose not to put it on, but I did try it before I removed the eye makeup and what I like about it is, that the tip is very firm, its not flimsy in the slightest.

There we have it, are you a fan of Makeup Kits?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Am not a fan of makeup cos I have a sensitive skin but I admire the flawless looks of makeup.

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