Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Ultimate Sofa Sunday ♡

Hey Guys,

Sofa Sundays, are they are thing in your home? Well they sure are in ours and I absolutely love them. Sundays are usually the days for all things relax and chill. If we don't need to leave the house after our weekly shop we tend to just have a movie/catch-up Sunday. We start off by catching up any shows we've missed during the week, and after that we watch movies after movies. Last week it was A Cinderella Story, yup, I dragged my whole family in to watching it, and then Crocodile Dundee followed, I mean talk about a variety! Because Sofa Sundays have become a thing in our house, I thought I'd share what makes the Ultimate Sofa Sunday ...

First, before anything, change into comfy clothes, as soon as I get from, I change into my PJ's, and they feel SO good! Then its time for SNACKS, and loads at that! As we usually do our weekly shop on Sunday, I make sure to pop in a bag of crisps/popcorn, simply anything and its the first thing I reach for before sitting down. I love crisps, and that's what I stick to!

Now you'll need something to actually watch, we tend to hunt down whatever's on TV, or if nothing to our taste is on, we'll put on a recorded movie or a DVD! My fave movies to watch are Romcoms, I absolutely love them, but I do love watching Action/Adventure movies, actually, I don't mind any movie, as long as it entertains me lol. But you can't beat classic movies, give me all of them, I'd watch them all day, Jaws? Rocky? Point Break? Serendipity? I'll take them all please!

Next, get cosy! You can't have a Sofa Sunday without getting all cosy, comfortable or warm. I lovely blanket will do me, but my brother takes it to another level. He tucks in a hot water bottle, I know right, a hot water bottle on a Sunday Afternoon whilst watching movies and eating anything and everything, I think he's winning here. Not going to lie, I slyly take it off him!

Once we're onto the second half of the movie I like to have a little pamper routine, I do this before or after dinner, it just depends on how I feel that day. I do the whole evening cleanse, and everything that comes with that. But recently, I've been applying the T - Zone Self - Heating Mask (£4.99)* all over my face and targeting those pesky blackheads with the T - Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Nose Pore Strip (£4.99)*. I've been loving this combination, they genuinely refresh my skin and I love the feeling of the Self - Heating Mask, its all warm and tingly, but in a good way!

And there we have it, my Ultimate Sofa Sunday! What's your favourite movie?

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