Thursday, 8 February 2018

Three More Skincare Holy Grail's ♡

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I'm going to talk about a very British thing, the weather, I'm sorry, I had to go there. Its been so bad recently, freezing, chucking it down, and not to mention how gloomy and dull its been. Urgh, just not fun! Anyway, onto the actual post at hand - I thought I'd write up a little part two to my Three Skincare Holy Grail's post, because lets be honest, I have more than that! I think most people do in fact, we all have that one face wash, moisturiser or spot treatment we rely on ...

PIXI Beauty Glow Tonic* (£18.00)

I mean, how could I not include this! It's a cult favourite for many of us out there. Pretty much all of us have either heard of it, or tried it. Its a toner, that refreshes, vitalizes and brightens the skin. I absolutely adore this stuff, I can't lie, I didn't get along with it from the first use, it took some getting used to but now, I'm pretty much obsessed. I was kindly sent a personalized mammoth size bottle and couldn't have been happier! I actually asked my friends if they had tried it and they said, they hadn't but want too. Here comes Trishna to the rescue haha, because I said I'd decant them some from the bottle. After all, I don't think I'm getting through this bottle any time soon!

Clean & Clear Spot Treatment Gel (£4.49)

I don't think I've mentioned this enough around here. I live by this stuff, no word of a lie! Its one of the most effective and inexpensive spot gels around, I don't think I've used anything else, (apart from home stuff like honey and vaseline) for my spots in  years. I've tried all the fancy and expensive spot treatments, from the coveted Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to the Origins Super Spot Remover, none of them have come close! This helps reduce redness and the size of the spot either overnight or withing 2 days, of course, that all depends on the size of the little bugger!

Shills Purifying Peel-Off Mask (£6.49)

To finish, something I've spoken many times about, its one the best black head masks on the market in my opinion and costs less than £7. I use it either weekly or every other week, I only apply it onto my nose and chin and I can genuinely say that it works. Once you've peeled it off, you see the black heads on that little strip.

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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  1. Great post. Very insightfull. I am about to try the black mask.


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