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Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review ♡

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Yas, yes, yup, I know, I'm super late to the whole 'review a Kylie Lip Kit' game, but, hey, its better late then never. Although most of the hype has slowed since the launch, its still a hot topic when new Kylie shades are released. I personally, look forward to them, but the shades, after my first two purchases haven't really caught my eye. So, when the original Matte Liquid Lipsticks were released, I had my eyes on the shade Dolce K, and of course, I ordered it along with my friend, because that made shipping and customs a little cheaper as everything was halved. And then I ordered again, when Love Bite was released and I couldn't be happier ...

Packaging and Applicator

Starting off with the packaging, pretty standard, a tube bottle with signature drip around the neck of the bottle and the Kylie brand name slanted across, pretty simple and and unique. The applicator itself is a standard angled doe foot, helps you get into all the awkward lip places. And the lip liner, do I really need to explain this lol. Just a casual lip liner.

Liquid Lipstick:
So its a mattifying formula, once on the lips, it will fully dry in under a minute but it glides on the lips easily and smoothly, it's almost quite effortless. I know some people have found the formula quite drying, I totally understand that, it can get a little drying, especially if you suffer from dry lips. But what I like to do is apply a little bit of Carmex first and then the LL, that way it's a little more comfortable. Annoyingly, it does sink into the cracks after a few minutes, but it's not super visible, I only notice it when I stare into a mirror, but no one else seems too.

There's one thing these LL's are full of, and its pigment, the shades are incredibly rich in colour. I've found that I only need one swipe, for it to be enough on my lips. But I do have to say, the darker shade, Love Bite is a little patchy in places. When I wear it, I find myself going in with a second layer to cover up any patchiness.

Another thing, which has to be the smell, oh my goodness, the smell. Please tell me, that you've heard about the scent of these, even if you haven't personally got one? It's like some sort of smell heaven to my nose. So sweet, and delicate. I always make one of those satisfaction 'oh it smells so good' grunts when I sniff it, how lady like lol! But it just smells so so nice, almost like caramel, but better. Yes, better :)

Lip Liner:
Super super creamy, and glides on the lips incredibly easily. Just like the LL, its extremely pigmented and bursts colour. It's more comfortable than the LL, because of its creamy formula and sometimes, I just wear this by itself.
Wear Ability

Liquid Lipstick:
These are great in terms of wear ability, its probably the best aspect of these. I normally get happy when my lipstick lasts till at least lunch, but these last all day. I'm not kidding. I remember wearing Dolce K, out for the first time, I went to lunch with my friends and after our lunch, I asked if I needed to reapply and they said no, I went huh, are you sure? And they went, yup, it hasn't budged once. I was shocked because I think I ate something like Spaghetti lol. It really is that great. It lasted the whole day and I didn't need to reapply once. But, there is a slight down side, when it comes to the evening routine and the removing makeup part, everything is fine, apart from the lips. If I've worn either Love Bite or Dolce K. It is a pain to remove, I find myself tugging, scrubbing and picking it off my lips. It's annoying! But then, it did last the whole day, so, its a tale of two ...

Lip Liner:
Hmm, quite the contrast, it lasts a good 2/3 hours but after lunch, you get one of the nineties lips, where it just looks like you've lined your lips.

The Shades
Dolce K: Classic, muted, universally flattering nude.
Love Bite: A deep purple.

And that's it for a pretty longish post, what are your thoughts on the Kylie Lip Kits?

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