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Is it worth the hype | DHC Skincare

Hey Guys,

Have you heard about DHC Skincare? Well, its all the rave at the moment, I've seen and read quite a few blog posts on this brand and I've always wanted to give it a go myself. But a few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to try a few DHC bits, kindly said yes and started testing away. It's a Japanese Skincare brand whom base most of their products on Spanish Olive Oil! I love Olive Oil for the skin, its so nourishing and soothing, but naturally having oily skin, and adding olive oil on top can be a little tricky ...

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs (£6.75)*

When I saw these in the package, I immediately knew I'd be getting on with them purely because I damp a cotton bud every morning to wipe away any messy mascara. I used these to wipe away excess mascara, like I usually do, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it all came off. Because I normally only use water, it takes a few swipes but with the swab, the mascara was easily wiped away.

Deep Cleansing Oil (£24.00)*

This, I've seen everyone rave about, much like the the entire brand. I can't lie, I was pretty scared to try this, for two reasons. One being, I always get wary of trying new skincare because I have spot-prone skin, and the second being the fact that I have oily skin and this is an oil based cleanser. Putting two and two together on paper, it sounds like my skin will become a oil central, but alas, I gave it a go! The very first time I used it, I didn't know what to make it of it because it left my skin feeling super moisturized, to the point where I wasn't sure if I had taken all the product off! But as I have continued to use it, my skin has become really soft and supple.

Lip Cream (£8.75)*

You guys all know about my love for Carmex, I have used it for about 7ish years now and its the one product I absolutely live by. I can't complete my morning face without it and I can't leave the house without a tub, I just won't do it!! So, when I saw this in the package, I already had written it off in a sense. I've used it a few times, not religiously, as I have done so with the other products. I mean, it does what it says, hydrates and softens the lips, but I think I'm too in sync with my love for Carmex for anything to come close lol.

Oil Blotting Paper (£3.75)*

This is my most favourite thing in this post, I'm definitely going to repurchase it when I run out, because I've come to the conclusion, just like with the Carmex, I cannot leave the house without this little packet in my bag. It's Oil Blotting Paper, I'm sure you've all heard about what it is, you basically, press it onto the oily parts of your face, (which I have quite a few of lol) and the paper soaks it up in a sense. The best thing ever for oily skin. It helps get rid of all that unnecessary shine and the paranoid thought of, 'my skin is just glowy, that's it, its glow', well at least that's what I try and convince myself, when I full on know, its oil LOL!

Overall, what do I make of it? I think its a great brand, some of the products of offer work amazing on the skin, and I'll be sure to explore anything else that catches my eye in the range :)

What are your thoughts on DHC Skincare?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I have tried all of these products and absolutely love them all! The cleanser is just a game changer for me because it left my skin so moisturised even when washed off!

    Amina xx |


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