Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet's ♡

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I mean, will I ever stop obsessing over Liquid Lipsticks? Lets be honest, probably not, they've completely changed the makeup game and they're pretty much everywhere, you can't really avoid them lol. But today, I have three special LL's to share, I have tested them for a couple of weeks and I can proudly say they have become firm favourites. You might have seen them around, they're from the Burberry Beauty Liquid Lip Velvet range and are incredibly dreamy ...

Packaging & Applicator

We always start with the packaging, so lets stick to that. It's a gorgeous frosted square bottle that feels very luxurious. The lid is stamped with the Burberry signature image, whilst the iconic Burberry logo is printed on the side of the bottle. Just from how its packaged, you know it's going to be a good product, or at least, would hope so.

The application is a standard doe foot applicator, which is pretty firm! You know when you get some LL's or glosses that have a wand that bends when you apply the product? Yeah, there's none of that here and its fab, because I hate it when brands do that, its really annoying because the product gets everywhere but the actual lips!

Undoubtedly the best formula for a LL, I've ever tried. It applies very nicely and smoothly. there's no tugging at the lips. It's also very comfortable on the lips as the lips don't feel dry or irritated after application. I wouldn't say its a complete matte finish, its leaning towards a semi matte finish, because when I rubbed my fingers along my lip, some product did come off on my finger. I guess I was just expecting it to finish matte because most other LL's do!

Don't get me started on pigmentation, it's insane, in a good way! You seriously only need one swipe on each lip, and even that's more than enough. These are definitely rich and bursting full of colour. Which, I guess is what you'd expect from a high end LL .

The actual formula itself is very different to anything I've tried. It has a whipped cream texture, which is why the application is so easy. However, as most LL's dry pretty much instantly, these take a good 15-20 mins to 'dry out' if that makes any sense. But even when they do dry, it's not matte.
Wear Abilty

These have a pretty good longevity period, I'd say, they last a good 7 hours, of course when you, you do have to reapply here and there, but its not like every ounce of the product has come off. I think you could get away with not reapplying even because it ends up looking like a lovely tint to the lips, even when the product has worn off.
The Shades:

Fawn*: A Nude Dusty Rose.
Oxblood*: A Rich Maroon.
Military Red*: A Bright, Traffic Light Red.
The Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet's retail for £26, and are quite pricey but you are getting a fantastic product and there are 14 shades to choose from!

You can find them over at Burberry Beauty, along with a whole host of other products.

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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