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Splurge or Save | Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks ♡

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Remember when I said I would review a Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks? Yup, neither did I until a week ago haha! But, better late than never, ey? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to post today and let you know whether you should splurge or save on the HB Liquid Mattes. I received the HB Liquid Matte Mini's (the brown edition) by my friends as a birthday gift and they made the perfect choice as they knew I had been wanting these forever ...

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini's (£33.00)

Packaging and Applicator

As always, we start with the packaging, pretty normal and standard, in a mini bottle, with the HB logo engraved into the frosted gloss. And the applicator is a doe foot wand, but what impressed me about the doe foot, which never really does lol, is the fact that the brush hairs are super tiny. Have you ever applied a liquid lipstick but manage to get a little around the lip because the hairs on the wand are slightly too long, (pretty much like this question)? And that's why the brush impressed me, because the hairs are nice and firm.


The first thing that struck me and made me feel like these wouldn't work, is the formula. It is very liquidy, almost of water consistency. I've never used anything as liquidy as these but it works, because they glide on like a dream, super smooth and creamy.

A massive bonus for me was the fact that they don't dry out the lips one bit, it feels super comfortable and light, almost like you have nothing on. They do take a little while to dry, I would say a solid 3 minutes, I know that doesn't sound long, but when it comes to LL's, they often dry out instantly. It's not a bad thing, just a thing that I've noticed as I've used these more and more.  

Onto the pigment, one of my favourite parts to take about lol. I can't lie, when I saw how liquidy these were, I wasn't sure how pigmented they would actually be but they surprised me. Full of pigment and rich in colour, one swipe is honestly more than enough.

Oh oh oh, the smell, its pretty amazing, so sweet and soft!

Wear ability

Well there's a twist with this, its best on the lips, not so much as a swatch. Lets start with the lips, they do not budge, I mean through the entirety of the day, it won't go anywhere. Even after the heartiest meal of your life, this product will still be on your lips. I went out for lunch with my friends, we over ordered and had quite a large Indian meal and after we finished, I did the usual and asked if I needed to reapply but it was a surprising no. And even into the evening, my lips were fully covered with product. But, its a big but ...

The most annoying thing about these, it will not come off when swatched, it just won't. Like seriously, if you've tired any Colourpop and think the removal of that is bad, this is another level. I'm going to try and leave a picture of the swatches that were still on my arm 4 days after the initial swatch! On the lips, its not so bad, I mean it takes some scrubbing to remove it, but as a swatch, it's an absolute nightmare!!!

The Shades:
Vixen: A deep, dark Red.
Trendsetter: A medium brown. 
Flirt: A light brown. 
Spicegirl: A shade lighter than Trendsetter. 

So, Splurge or Save?

Definitely Splurge! They are by far, four of the best liquid lipsticks I own. They don't budge, which can have its advantage and disadvantage, but at least you don't need to reapply throughout the day and it has an amazing amount of pigment and coverage! They aren't cheap at £33.00, but if you're looking to treat yourself or on the look out for something new, these are the ones to get!

What's your verdict on these?

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