Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Uncommon Goods ♡

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So, do you ever look for random, cool things, but can never find them through main stream shops, whether that be, online or in store? Well, that's where Uncommon Goods comes in. I've collaborated with the pretty unique company for today's post to share everything they do. I should probably begin by what the actual website is lol! The definition is in the title, its a online market place whom sell the most uncommon goods, from Unique Wedding Gifts, such as personalised chopping boards to gifting summer babies with Cute Baby Shower Gifts ...

I find buying for my dad pretty difficult, I've done the standard Perfume, Aftershave, Manly Jewelry you name it, I've been there. Nowadays, I like to top my last gift and I aim to make it different, and by different, I mean weird. Like the weirdest gift you ever did hear of. For this years Father's Day, we ordered him a Lawn Mover, yup, a Lawn Mover. He also has a brand new toilet seat in one of the rooms, waiting to be fitted, that may, or may not have been a gift LOL. You get my gist. Well, at least now, I'm sorted on the weird, nay, lets go with 'unique' gift front for Christmas.

Also, my cousin's wedding anniversary is coming up next week and I think I might just end up ordering a little something from the Anniversary Gifts Section on this page. I'm sure she'll get along with cute, dainty necklace, who doesn't love dainty Jewelry?

And that's it for this pretty short post, but Uncommon Goods is quite a cute and quirky retailer whom practices sustainability and aims to give back through donating $1 with the Better to Give Program.

*This is a Sponsored Post in collaboration with Uncommon Goods*

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