Tuesday, 13 June 2017

May Favourites ♡

Hey Guys,

Fun fact, as I wrote the title of the post, I had to go through all the months because I forgot what became before June LOL. It happens, to the best of us, does it really? I always have to do that with the Alphabet, go through the entire thing to get to one letter, if I have to figure what letter comes where. I'll tell you what it is, its the whole LMNOP, I mean the Alphabet song is nice and steady and when you get to LMNOP, you have to fasten your pace, am I right? Yup, totally went on a tangent, but today I'm sharing a few of my May favourites ...


I mean, if you follow my Instagram, (shameless plug, my handle is: @tipscapsule) you would know that I bloody love flowers. They really brighten my day, I sound all mushy lol but seriously, I just love the things. I think I've gotten into them more since I started my Instagram because I love incorporating them in pictures, but they do get pricey. I tend to buy a reduced bunch, a crap load of photo's taken and then enjoy them in the living room haha!

Topshop Joni Jeans (£36.00)

I thought to myself, I wear these jeans most days of the week, and they are by far my most favourite jeans, so why haven't I included them in a favourites post, and so decided to put them in. Honestly, when I say these are the best, they truly are. The price is a little bit annoying, but they are from Topshop at the end of the day! They fit well, hug my legs nicely and being pretty tiny, the length couldn't be more perfect. And I love that they come in a range of sizes, for me, Jeans were a constant struggle because I could never find the right fit or length but thankfully my friend introduced me to these. The one annoying thing, apart from the price, is the fact that the colour fades after a handul of washes :(

e.l.f Matte Lip Colour in Praline (£4.50)

I won't go much into this because I've got a mini Superdrug Haul going up next week and it has a little review of it but, it has been the lip product I've been reaching for. Its a natural, neutral shade, I would say its a classic nude, that add's a lovely muted brown to the lips. I've reached for it most of the month because it's so easy to apply and you just know it'll go with every thing because it's a nude.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Rose Hip (£3.99)

Aaah, I love this shade!
I was on the hunt for a shade like this for so long, and then I found this one a few months back and forgot I brought it. Its a pale pink shade that has a Hi Shine, meaning its pretty shiny and the complete opposite to a Matte. I love it because it genuinely looks like you've had a Gel Manicure done!

And that's all I've 'Favorited' this month, well last month, we're nearing the middle of June lols. What did you love in the month of May, or what are you currently loving?

See you on Thursday :)

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