Tuesday, 16 May 2017

April Favourites ♡

Hey Guys,

Aaaaah, it feels so so good to be back and actually writing up a post. You all probably figured but I took an impromptu break because I physically couldn't get any posts out. I guess a massive update is needed? Okay, so around 3/4 weeks ago, my brother was admitted into hospital and had been there until last Weds, when he finally got discharged. He was diagnosed with Colitis, it's an inflammatory bowel disease and I won't go into all the details but its where the bowel gets all red, sore and inflamed. Its not fun to say the least, it's actually quite distressing and exhausting. Also, as my brother is only 15, he's allowed a parent to stay overnight, so that's where my dad comes in, he was staying with my brother every night and then would leave to have a shower at home when I arrived. I would try and get there for 11, my dad would leave and come back around 3, then my sister would come after work at 7, and we would both leave at 10 in the night. And that cycle was repeated for just under the month. And it doesn't end there lol, to add to the mix, I had two assignments due and an exam to revise for. So there was me, lugging my laptop to the hospital, trying to get whatever I could done, and then would be up until 2 to finish the rest off! Thankfully, I somehow, I don't even know how, managed to get it done and my last exam was  week. Which means, I'm now totally free and on the job hunt! To further add to the mix, oh yes, there's more, it was my mums birthday, the first one without her, and emotions already were high, but they were pretty heightened on her birthday.  So, to sum it up, my dad was like the hospital resident whilst I was on a 11-10 visiting shift lol! So yup, that's why I physically couldn't get a post out.

But I can't say it was terrible, to see my brother in a hospital bed and everything he went through was, because we had some tough times, but we got to explore Chelsea, a part of London, I've always wanted to visit but never got the chance too. The hospital wasn't our local hospital, it was in the central London. Commuting, eating and everything else wasn't cheap lol. But whenever, my brother wasn't scheduled to take medicine, we'd head out for a walks around the area, along Fulham Road, which is beautiful and dream of living in those white London houses. And the staff, nurses, everyone at Chelsea and Westminster hospital were beyond incredible, I don't even care how expensive or long it took to get there because they gave the best care!!

OMG, true story, as I walked to the hospital, I looked through the Estate Agents window and saw a 3 BEDROOM APARTMENT for nothing less than £1.5 Million. I was astounded, but not as astounded as to when I walked down Kings Road with my dad and brother and saw a mansion going for 55 Million, and that's all I repeated on our way back to the hospital, 55 million, 55 million, 55 freakin million!!

Can you tell I've missed writing lols. Okay, so April wasn't the best month and we didn't get the best start to May but my brother is doing a lot better now and hopefully the Dr's can get everything under control. But, even with everything going on, I still managed to hunt down a few monthly favorites, because early April, everything was just normal ...

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 48 (£5.49):Even though I was in a rush every morning, I still managed to whack on some concealer, mascara and lipstick. And if you're a lipstick lover, I know the tough choice you face every morning, "Which shade do I wear today"? And then you contemplate that question for however long. Well, this is the shade, I constantly reached for, because it's my kind of colour. A warm, red-y brown, add's a great colour to the lips and easy to apply :)

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara (£8.99): This I won't go into because I intend on writing up a little review but holy moly, just when I didn't think any mascara could beat the original Maybelline Lash Sensational, this has gone an done it. Voluminous, Lengthening and made me look human and wide awake throughout the month!

MUA Cosmetics Highlighter in Iridescent Gold (£3.00): I've gone on about this many times before, it's just a great highlighter and for the best price possible. The pigment is pretty amazing and a little does go a long way!

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch*and Cuff* You've all heard me bang on about this combination but seriously, I can't get enough of it! Throughout April, I would find myself reaching for simple and classic accessories and these were my go to because they look great and are super comfortable to wear! 

Aaaand there we have it, an April favourites post and all the things I had been loving. Don't forget I have been kindly given a discount code from #danielwellington for anyone to use! If you choose to make any purchases, you can get 15% off your order by entering the code: TIPSCAPSULE at the checkout! All the collections can be found here: https://www.danielwellington.com/uk/

How have you all been?
See you all on Thursday :)

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