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Touch of Lavender | I try Eye Shadow ♡

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So I'm back today, with something completely different, Eye Shadow!! You may or may not know but I'm a total eye shadow novice, I only ever wear it if I'm going to a wedding or event, however, I was kindly sent a few pieces from Elizabeth Arden's New collection launch; the Eyes Wide Open collection, which includes a range of eye shadow compacts, a statement brow gel and the Lasting Impression Mascara. And I thought, hey, I don't want to write a standard review, I want to change it up a little, so I thought I'd actually try the products, as in create some sort of a look and knowing how rubbish I am at Eye Shadow, I plunged into the deep end ...

I received the Elizabeth Arden Little Black Compact in Touch of Lavender (£36.00)* and to be honest, I didn't know where to start, I wasn't sure of what 'look' to go for, so I winged it! As a base, I chose to go with my everyday face routine, which consisted of the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for general concealing and the Nars Creamy Concealer for my under eyes.

I started off patting the lightest purple (middle shade) onto my inner lid and then begun blending that towards the middle. What I found is that, you don't really need a lot of the product for it to make an impact on your eye, I took a couple of swipes and was good to go! I then took the deeper, more glittery purple (last shade) and tried to create some sort of depth, I applied that to my crease and outer lid. Once that was done, I took the lightest shade, and dabbed it onto the inner eye lid, where the purple was and then brought it down to my lower lash line. To finish, I used the tip of an eye shadow brush and mixed the two purples and smoked it down to my lower lash line, and that was pretty much it, oh yeah, I then had to make the other eye somehow look symmetrical ...

To finish the look, I paired it with the Lasting Impression Mascara (£22.00)* and the Statement Brow Gel (£17.00)*. And I'm about to make a pretty bold statement, but that mascara is the best high end mascara, I've ever tried, and I'm not just saying that because I've received it, blah blah, or anything like that. It genuinely is one of the best out there, I'm not going to lie, I didn't have much expectation from it because I when it comes to Mascara, I think drugstore always wins, but I was wrong this time. And I used the Lancome Grandiose Mascara for months and that was my holy grail, but this beats that by a mile! It adds an insane amount of volume and length to the lashes, (I'll leave a few close ups below) and is of a great formula, it has avocado oil which helps add moisture to the lashes. Its not too wet, which I hate because when a mascara formula is too wet, I get it all over my eye lid and it all get messy and it only clumps a little, which I can stand. But I can't stand super clumpy mascara, its just not for me. Also, the brush, the bristles are soft and the brush itself is structured in a unique way, in that it is able to reach even the tiniest of lashes. My lashes are defined, thickened and lifted, any bets on this being in my April Faves lol.
The brow gel helped shape and keep in place my unruly eye brows which are in dire need of threading! They didn't feel crusty or hard which a few brow gels have done in the past, they just pretty normal and its natural, I know the word 'statement' in its name makes it sound as though you'll get super dark and bold brows but the gel just helps add a little definition and fullness.

And to add a little bit more depth, I mixed two shades from the Beautiful Colour Bold Liquid Lipstick range, reviewed here to create a subtle lip option and being a highlighter lover, I took my fan brush and swiped it across the the lightest glittery shade of the trio and then onto my cheekbone. And guess what, it surprisingly made a great highlight!!

Its a pretty bold look as its purple and quite vibrant in my eyes, lol or should I have wrote, on my eyes :). I've left a few close ups at the end of the post!

So the shadow, I actually really enjoyed doing it, I was a little nervous because purple is such a bold a colour and pairing it with an eye shadow novice, I thought I'd end up creating, some sort of aubergine salad on my eyes, yep, I said aubergine salad, I don't know if that exists, but lets just go with it lol. What I'm actually trying to say is that I don't think I'll be so afraid to attempt an shadow look.

But I do think it was all made easier by the actual product, the Little Black Compact Trio* was easy to blend, its texture was so soft, smooth and surprisingly, it didn't flake all over my cheeks upon application. The best part was the fact that I didn't need much of the product, as I in, I didn't have to keep swiping my brush in and out of each shade and also because its full of pigment and richness, a little goes a long way. And because eye shadow is quite compact, (as it says in the name, duh Trishna) its easy to take with you, so if you do need a touch up during the day, it'll fit in your bag.

There's one thing I will say though, and thats the applicator, I've never been a fan of sponge tip applicators, I feel like when blending, they can be quite tough on the eye lid in a sense, so I opted to use an eye shadow brush.

And that's it for today, hopefully my eye shadow look hasn't threw you right off my blog haha but you can find the new collection on the Elizabeth Arden website or in stores!

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own. 

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  1. I think the trio looks gorgeous and you handle the look very well. You look great and I'm pretty sure that you should wear this more often.

    Michelle Morchella


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