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Tip Tests: Technic Cosmetics ♡

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So I'm back at with a Tip Tests posts, I love writing these up because testing things is always fun and its great to test random things, but today, I'm bringing it back to makeup and testing Technic Cosmetics. A brand that has recently launched into the world of beauty and by the looks of it, everyone seems to be loving the products on offer. And also, I really wanted to test the products for the whole day and create a look and then see how it fared by the end of the day. I was kindly sent a few bits and pieces to have a play around with, and its fair to say, there were hits and misses ...

Eyeshadow 6 Nudes (£2.49)*:   I know it's a weird statement to begin with but as I write this post and find the specific link to the product, I'm finding out the price of the products, which I never knew of prior to receiving the products and having tested them all, I'm actually surprised as to how affordable they are. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, let me actually get on with writing about the 'testing'. So, I started off with the eyeshadow which was a little bit of a surprise because I guess I was expecting a lot more but I wasn't totally disappointed. The palette itself contains 6 nude, everyday shades, with darker shades to create a smokey eye. I wanted to create a silver eye, so used a mixture of all shades where possible. I started off by mixing the first and last shades to create some sort of a middle ground between the two and added hints of lightness and darkness with the middle shades. I think as an eye shadow novice I didn't do too bad haha.

The good thing about this palette is that it's got a good range of shades I feel, and the product did last a solid 4 hours before it began to fade. There are unfortunately two down sides, upon application, most of the pigment fell onto my cheeks, it flaked away when I blended and the pigment itself isn't strong and bursting with colour. When I was was swatching for the picture below, it would take a few swipes for the shadow to really show, it was quite faint and needed building up. However, saying all of that, I've bared in mind that this palette is only £2.49, and at a pretty affordable price, and would be great for a beginner to makeup.

Lashitude Mascara (£3.49)*:  Keeping it still with the eyes, and onto Mascara. You guys know the two makeup items I love the most; mascara and lipstick! And after having a read of the bottle, I was pretty excited to try this out. It states to give your lashes volume, length and definition. Two of those, I can definitely check off, volume on the other hand, not so much. The mascara definitely lengthened and defined my lashes, but didn't give them much volume. But what I would say is that, I've been using this for days when I want a little something on my lashes, but don't want to go too heavy and make them stand out so much. Also the brush, its a rubber brush and has bristles on the tip which have helped massively in defining the lashes. Its a bit scary pointing a mascara wand at my eye lol but slowly and gently does the trick!

Ultimate Brow Kit (£4.00)*:  Now this, I'm a major fan off, I don't do much to my brows, maybe just brush them through with a little bit of brow gel, so when it came to testing this, I was very much a beginner and played it cool. I didn't apply a lot of it, just where I saw a few gaps in my brows and I can't really fault it. The kit did a good job and the powders were rich in pigment, a little went a long way. It also comes with a mini tweezer and brush, a great addition to have when you're on the go!

Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder (£4.50)*: Okay, I bloody love this powder, it along with the highlighter are my favourite products. You all know I have an oily nose, throughout the day, my nose gets oilier, actually, this has reminded me I need to buy some blotting paper, going off track Trishna! Okay okay, this I love because it does a fab job of keeping my skin matte throughout the day.

Get Gorgeous Highlighter (£3.49)*:  Aaah, this highlighter has stolen my heart, literally! I love it! Its very pigmented, and when I was taking the pictures of this post, I built it up quite a bit on my cheekbone but it still looked quite natural and not overdone in a sense. I can't fault this in any way, easy to blend and gives adds a lovely glow to the skin.

Colourmax Matte Lipsitck in Kiss Catch (£1.99)*: Now, I'm in two minds about this, I like the fact that its matte, and as a matte lipstick, you want it to be comfortable on the lips, which it is. However, as soon as you eat, its all pretty much gone. It is rich in colour and a great everyday pick, just be prepared to reapply throughout the day!

I created this 'look' at around 11 in the morning:

And here's how it fared a good 7 hours later:

Verdict: Apart from looking tired lol, and with my base of the Maybelline Fit Me and the Nars Creamy Concealer having faded, my eye shadow were too. It's still there but not as strong as it was a few hours ago. The lipstick is not to be spoken of lol, because as you can see, there's nothing there but but, my lashes are still defined and my highlight is still going strong!

Aaah, you made it to the end of the post, wasn't that a long one lol, but I do think the Technic products are great for their price, especially the highlighter and anyone looking to begin with makeup! You can find all the products here: Technic Cosmetics 

I hope you all have a great weekend :)

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own. 

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