Thursday, 20 April 2017

Mini Gerard Cosmetics Haul ♡

Hey Guys,

Last year, I discovered Gerard Cosmetics and I couldn't be happier! Although I've only ever purchased three items, I'm sure there'll be more checkouts in the future. I think I included one of their liquid lipsticks in a favourites post before and said I would do a review but I thought I'd turn it into a haul because I took advantage of a sale Beauty Bay had and purchased two more goods. I've heard so much good about the GC setting sprays but I have yet to give them a go but what I can vouch for are their Lipsticks and Liquid Lipsticks ...

GC honestly have some of the best LL's out there, the wear and tear of these are pretty incredible. When I say they last all day, they really do, even throughout meals, yep, even throughout meals. I remember wearing this for the first time, I was going out for dinner with my friends and after I had finished, I always say to my friends, 'how's my lips, do I need to reapply', I was expecting a yes, and I got a 'no'! Shocking, I know. Which is why I'm so amazed by these because they really do last all day. Onto the pigmentation, it's really strong, and full of colour, when you buy these, you really are getting your money's worth.

My favourite element is that they don't dry out the lips, like other matte liquid lipsticks have. There's nothing more I hate, when it comes LL's is when they make my lips super dry and crumbly, but luckily there wasn't any of that with these. They are matte, but glide on really easily. Onto the packaging, pretty standard, in a tube with a doe foot applicator but I love the gold lid, although it's a drugstore price, the gold lid add's a sense of luxury.

The Shades:
1995: A deep, muted pink.
Everything Nice: Both the shades are extremely similar and great for everyday wear. But Everything Nice has a pinky, peachy, browny tone, I know that probably didn't make sense but hopefully the swatch will do it justice lol.

Lipstick in 1995 (£9.00):
So because I loved the liquid lipstick version of 1995 so much that I wanted the lipstick version and thought why not hey, and got it!
The colour is very much the same, I would say slightly lighter because the LL version dries a little darker but I love this on days where I don't want anything heavy in colour on my lips but still want a little bit of something on there.

It's very comfortable and light on the lips and just with the LL's the pigment is pretty good and you can build it up how much you want or keep it all natural. In terms of wear ability it does last a good 5 hours after and before eating ha, you do need to reapply after having a meal. But my favourite part about the lipstick has to be the packaging, because its gold and all luxurious and defo prettier than its price!

And there we have a it, a little GC haul, I'm pretty sure there'll be more in the future :)
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Damn, Everything Nice is perfect! I love it. I've heard great thing about Gerard Cosmetics, I might consider buying something too.

    Michelle Morchella


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