Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tip Tests: Broken Lipstick Hack ♡

Hey Guys,

I was watching a 'makeup hack' video on YouTube and came across this one to fix broken lipsticks and then of course, a few weeks later one of my lipsticks actually broke. How convenient. Which is why, I bring you all today's post, I wanted to really test if this hack works because it could be a game changer. I've seen a few other hacks whereby the person kind of scoops out the lipstick from the bottom of the bullet and then presses that with the broken part into a tablet/pill/medicine container thingy and places that in the fridge until it hardens but I thought, that's no fun for a post ...

As you can tell, my lipstick was pretty much out of use, I couldn't even do a little swatch on my arm because it would just result in the nub falling off. With the help of dad and the video instructions, my dad lit the bottom of the broken part and the remaining lipstick in the bullet.

And then I put the two parts together and smoothed the two pieces together so the broken seal couldn't be seen in a sense. Then off it went in the freezer for around 15-20 mins!

Taa-daa, it worked, like actually worked! Obviously it doesn't look as pretty as when it
was brand new but hey, it's usable and fixed, and of course swatchable! I wore this for about three days in a row and I can confirm that it's still going strong, so I guess this is a hack worth trying if you've got a broken lipstick :)

Aaand that's the shade I missed out on for a few months!

Hope this post helps :)

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