Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tanda Zap | No Go Zone ⛔

Hey Guys,

So today, I bring you all another installment of the 'no go zone' which is basically where I warn you all off the products that frankly were a waste of money, time and effort! Today's product has to be one of the worst products I've ever brought, well I asked for it a few Christmas' ago, so given. I should've asked for something else. I only asked for it as a Christmas gift because my Acne was pretty bad and in its prime and I had tried everything as that point and came across this in a Youtube and thought 'YES, this has to be the cure' but it did absolutely nothing. This is a pretty short post but it's more of a warning than a full review because I can't review something where the only words I use are pointless, wasted money, rubbish. Oh it's called the Tanda Zap ...

What it is?
An Acne spot treatment device.

What it claims to do?
'Tanda Zap is Fast & Effective - Clinically proven to clear or fade acne blemishes within 24 hours. 
The only device to combine 3 proven acne fighting technologies: blue light, sonic vibration and gentle warming.' - Amazon 

What it actually does?
Wastes money, a battery life, nothing, and wait, what was that, nothing! It does absolutely nothing. 
Your supposed to place it on your blemish and it will help clear or reduce its size within 24 hours. all of which I did but did I see any improvement in the blemish, nope, nothing at all.

I simply don't understand why it's been produced or why it even has a handful of 5 star ratings, I just don't get it. And I know everybody's skin is different but I've passed this around the family when I first got it and it didn't do anything for anyone, even my dad tried it!

And I did properly test it, obvs when it first didn't work I just didn't give up on it, I kept trying with new blemishes I got but there was no effect, so I gave up!

That's it for today, it was kinda short and pretty much a major rant but I needed to warn you all ...

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