Thursday, 23 March 2017

Fresh Caprese | Attempting Pinterest ♡

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry, I've done it again! I've started a new series, I couldn't help myself but I think it's the last one I'll start up, for now haha. But this one, it's really different to anything I've done on the blog and I haven't come across it on other blogs. I should probably explain what this one is about, its pretty much in the title, it's me attempting things that I've found on Pinterest. I try and replicate what ever I've found and see if it's any good. I love Pinterest, I mean who doesn't, even my Dad has an account, he genuinely does LOL! It's inspiration central, you can find anything and everything on there. Oh, I must warn you, I got carried away with taking pictures so this one is picture heavy, oops ...

So today I was Attempting a 'Fresh Caprese Salad with a Twist', I'll insert a picture of it below and the link to it!
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LINK to Pin 
LINK to Website

Okay, so they aren't twinning but I would say that they are quite similar, I mean I tried haha!

I started off with finding a board, something similar to the Pinterest one but I couldn't find one, and the closest ones I did find were ridiculously expensive and I thought, I may as well DIY my own.

I found a place mat, yep a place mat, and covered it with white paper, it seemed to do the job well ... I think :)

Next step was the ingredients, I purchased what I could find, here in the UK , we don't have colourful tomatoes this time of the year, well they didn't at the supermarket I went too and they also didn't have giant croutons or purple olives, so purchased the alternatives.

I prepped all the ingredients, which consisted of:

Cherry Tomatoes
A Tomato
A Handful of Radishes
A Bunch of Olives
A Handful of Croutons
A Bunch of Watercress
2 Mozzarella Balls
Cracked Black Pepper

And used the Pin as a guide to start assembling!

I started from the top and I realized that because I didn't have the exact exact ingredients I started going off track. So that's when I began to loosely follow the 'design' and shape. Mine is pretty tomato heavy at the top but I think it may only look that way because I didn't have a range of tomato colours.

Once I got all the ingredients on the mat, I then kind of winged it and put my on stamp on it in a sense. I sprinkled way much more Watercress over everything and kind of created a Watercress Barrier, down the two sides and topped it with black pepper!

And then I snapped away before anyone could get there hands on it!

How did it go? I think great, I know I didn't exactly follow it but I did try to attempt it well and the most similar thing between my attempt and the Pin has to be the Mozzarella, as in the way I've cut and positioned it. The taste? Pretty standard to be honest, it's just a open, prettified salad. But what I will say, if you're hosting a dinner party, or any kind of home event, creating a platter like this would look so pretty and beautiful on the table and will make everything look fancy lol!

And that's it, I told you there were a lot of snaps, what do you think of my attempt? :)

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  1. It looks so pretty! I think you did a great job tbh!

  2. I actually think that yours looks much better and I love the photos! This would definitely impress any guest :)


  3. Sounds like a fun series! It's always delicious to make platters such as this.
    A lovely crowd-pleaser as well! Great job! x/Madison


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