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Tip Tastes: Chiquito Restaurant Review ♡

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So I've only gone and started another series, not that we all needed anymore lol. But I've added a 'Blog Series' tab on the blog to hopefully make it easier to navigate through the different series I'm juggling. This one, I do have to say has to be one of my faves, purely because it involves food, eating, urm eating again and oh, food. Yep, I'm a real foodie and I love going out to eat, it's one of my favourite things! What is this new series you ask, well it's just me sharing my experiences at restaurants that I've never eaten at but always wanted too. Kind of like a review but not so formal, in today's post, I tasted the food of Chiquito, its a Mexican Restaurant based in the UK, well I'm not actually sure if it's worldwide, but I've always wanted to go here but never got the chance, so I dragged my friends out and here's what we made of it ...

We were greeted with a bowl of slightly seasoned popcorn whilst we decided what to eat which was a nice touch. For starters we ordered Nachos and a Halloumi Skewer which we were so excited for because Nacho's are our all time fave and Halloumi, I mean it's Halloumi, its my favourite cheese. Unfortunately, it didn't get off to a good start, the Skewer, although accompanied with Cranberry Salsa, it was bland, there wasn't much taste to it annoyingly. The Nacho's on the other hand, were better, the actual Nacho Chips were slightly salty but with the Salsa, Guacamole and Cheese, it was okay.

 'Mocktails: Yucatan Breeze & Strawberry & Raspberry Agua Fresca'

In terms of Mains, we all ordered different dishes, I went for the Street Style Burrito which came with Nacho Chips and three dips. I was really excited to have this but again, it was a little bland. It's stuffed with Mexican Rice which didn't have much flavour but I scooped some of the dip every time I had a bite with the Burrito which I guess helped but it was slightly disappointing :(

My friends had the Quesadilla and Five Bean Taco's which they enjoyed, they liked the taste and flavours and when I had a bite of theirs, I slightly wished I ordered their meals lol.

Also, the waitress we had was a little mean lol, it was like she didn't want to serve us and even when we kept calling her, she would look over but not come and she was the only server there. So that wasn't pleasant but all in all we had a great time catching up. We skipped dessert because we were all stuffed from the mains and starters but overall, I would go back, just order different dishes.

See you all on Thursday :)

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