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Blogging and Uni Life: 3 Tips ♡

Hey Guys,

So, I was in the mood of writing a talkative post and this one has been on my list of 'must write posts' for a while and I thought today, I'd just write it up and post it because even if one tip helps one person, it was worth it! This post, is basically how I try to manage blogging and uni life and the 3 tips that help keep me sane and on top of things. A little background? I'm in my last year of uni studying Business Management (which can get hectic and stressful at times), and as you all know, I have this little space on the internet in which I simply love, juggling the two can be difficult but it's definitely do -able ...

Here are three tips that I find help me keep on track:

1. Prioritize 

This, I definitely didn't do in my first year of blogging and second year of uni. Even though it doesn't seem like a bad thing but I would also prioritize my blog and complete uni work, assignments, revision, all that stuff later which can be quite deadly because deadlines approach faster than the wind at times. Because I had just started my blog, and loved everything about it, I was kind of in that honey moon phase where every other life to do thing came second to the blog and I knew this year, that needed to change.

I remember when my mum was in and out of hospital, I would try to scramble a post together whilst sat on the floor in room A6 or whatever, just because I simply hated the thought of not putting out a post and letting you all down (see what I meant about loving my blog a bit too much). I soon realized that I couldn't juggle life and blogging so took a little back seat from it.

I know I went a little off track, but this is where the prioritize aspect comes in, you have to rank your priorities from most to least important in a sense. If that essay is due next week but you still have to write up tomorrow's post, you have to manage your time well. Spend that one hour of that Tuesday writing up a blog post but then for the rest of the week, focus on the essay.

2. Bulk Write and Schedule 

This is what I tend to do, if I know that Uni is going to be taking over my life for the next 3 weeks or so, I'll write up a bunch of posts in advance and take the pictures in the morning of each day I have free before life gets a little busy. I tend to bulk write now and then to make things a little easier and when I get a surge of blogging inspiration, I'll just want to write and write. 

Schedule, I don't know how good scheduling apps are because I personally haven't started using them yet, but I really need too. Many bloggers use, love and live by them, so, I for sure need to give them a go. Scheduling just helps publish that post that needs to be up when you're in the middle of the exam or that tweet that tweets a link to your new post at 12AM in the morning but its only 4PM in LA, you get the gist, it helps get things out when you're not able too!

3. Take A Break 

This links onto the 1st tip, if you find you can't manage like I've found when Exam weeks were around the corner, just take a break, its okay. I took a three week break to focus on my exams and I probably wouldn't have done that last year but I acknowledged that it needed to be done, as difficult as it was.

I remember during the break thinking 'omg people are going to forget about me', 'my this, my that', truth is, it just sounds a whole lot worse in your mind, in reality, it's not so bad. I know it needed to be done and that I shouldn't have worried about anything because everything worked out okay, my exams finished and I had all the time to work on my blog and make it better. But the best part of a blogging break, is the coming back, I was so eager to write and connect with fellow bloggers again!!

And I sneakily sneak one more in, just rest and relax, don't put a lot of pressure and stress on your self, you're human too! Use the evenings to relax, use whatever time you have to do what you love :)

I hope these tips help in some way, shape or form!

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