Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 Things Learnt At 20 ♡

Hey Guys,

A little of a different post today but I felt all nostalgic because I turned 21 two Saturdays ago, yup the big 2 1, and also I was in the mood to write more of a talkative and personal post, rather then what I usually post. The past year being 20 has been nuts, like seriously nuts, things happened that I never in forever could/would have even thought to imagine but I have learnt so much at 20 and I thought I would share that with you today and also because I've discovered so much about myself ...

1. Its okay to go out with makeup - This one sounds so vain and superficial in a sense but I hate my skin, I have spot scars and spot prone skin so leaving the house without makeup, it may not seem a big thing but its actually daunting for me. Never the less, this year, I've been out the house 'Face Naked' many times and I've loved it, it felt so good!

2. I have an underlying love for Dungarees - Yup, this is a thing for me. I bloody love dungarees and I'm so glad I stole my mum's because they've changed my life lol, they're all I wear. Put on a a thin roll neck top underneath and I'm more than good to go!

3. It's okay to take blogging breaks - In my first year of blogging, I'd never miss a day and would force myself to get a post published because I never liked the thought of not having a post out on Tues/Thurs but I've realized, breaks are good, great in fact because they give you time to conjure up posts, refresh yourself and prioritize other life things. I've taken 3 breaks, I believe in my second year of blogging because life simply got in the way and I couldn't handle juggling the 'events'.

4. Being Adventurous -  I've got the adventure bug, although I have yet to travel, I explored London a lot more and just made it out into the City every other week. This was never a thing for me because Central London makes me really anxious, so I rarely used to go. But during the summer, I kept having the urge to go and visit places that I've always wanted too but never have, so simply did!

5. Just Do It - I've learn't more than ever to just do it, whether that be going into the City or wanting to get healthy, just doing it is the best option. I always used to wait for a certain day or time, to do particular things but now, I just get on with it!

6. Don't Give A Shit - Put in the nicest way possible lol. I've stopped caring of what people think and to just do what I want!

7. It's More Than Okay To Be You - I remember thinking about myself and how I could 'change' but no, I don't want to change, I'm weird, yep weird, and weird is good actually, it makes you different!!

8. To Take Good Care Of My Skin - Although I have problem skin, I never used to take care of it well, like obvs, I washed it and looked after it but now, I like to do it the proper way and take my time with the whole process.

9. JANE THE VIRGIN IS LIFE -Yep, I had to capitalise that because my, oh my, it a freakin amazing, I mean amazing series!! I don't even know why it took me so long to start it. I was randomly browsing Netflix and this kept popping up but I kept saying, 'oh it's probably about a girl called Jane who's a virgin', basically not giving it much thought. BUT HOW WRONG WAS I!!! It's soo good, I finished the first season in two days, that good. I won't give anything away but I will never know how the writers fit so much in, there's a twist in every episode and its the kind of twists you just never see coming. I've caught up to the current season and I very much dislike being caught up lol, because I don't have the advantage of clicking onto the next episode, it's so hard waiting! Any JTV lovers reading???

10. I'm Pretty Impatient - I've always known that I'm impatient but, I've realized more than ever. Whenever someone takes long to do something, I'm always like, oh let me do it and long in my eyes, is my brother taking what, seems like forever (it's merely 20 seconds) changing the channel, so I but in and am like, here let me do it, you're taking too long. What's funny is that, I always say to people who are waiting for things, like results etc, patience is a virtue. Yep, I really need to learn to be more patient!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

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