Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Candle Obsessed Or Candle Obsessed? ♡

Hey Guys,

I'm Trishna Patel and I think I have a problem, a major problem. I declare myself as a candle addict, I can no longer shop at a store and not purchase a candle, whether that be a tea light candle, a 3 wick, or an 85 hour burn, see I even know candle terminology!! But I can confirm none of these are a penny over £4, bargain, or bargain! I love a good Yankee or Jo Malone Candle, but I can't personally justify spending £40 on a candle, with my student finance! Maybe one day in the very far future lols ...

All of these are from the B&M Store
Woodland Wick Candles:
Summer Berry: A warm toned berry scent, I know its not exactly autumn esque but it doesn't smell summery either. I think of it more as a winter berry scent.
White Flower, Blue Sky and Fresh Linen: This is my favorite and I'm not going to lie, I'm saving it for the spring, it just smells of freshly washed duvets.

Essence Candles:
Ocean Breeze: This reminds me of fresh country air.
Peaches & Cream: Smells exactly as its written, sweet and tangy.
Spiced Cranberry: A true Christmas Scent, resembles mulled wine. 

(The Smaller ones came in a four pack, don't really have a scent.)

These two are from Home Bargains
Wickford & Co:
Warm Apple & Cinnamon: This gets me so excited for Christmas because it like the other candle smells of mulled wine. I've already assigned this as our Christmas Candle.
Fresh Spring: Smells exactly like the morning of spring, fresh flowers, sweet and just delightful!

And that's it for today's post, pretty short but I told you I'm Candle Obsessed!!
Since this post was written around 2 weeks ago, I've only gone and purchased 4 more candles, yup, I have a problem :P

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  1. Bet they smell amazing! Have a lovely week! <3


  2. I also love scented candles (and candles overall). and I'm so disappointed when a scented candle doesn't smell as much as it should! it has to be quite strong, I have to feel it in my big living room. those Christmassy ones you shared reminded me I should also get some :P

    Maiken - Part of me

    1. Haha, virtual high five! Exactly right, its false advertising lol X

  3. Wow! That's a whole lotta candles! I have one scent I like and bought like 6 of the same candles a few months ago lol. I love so many of the scents you picked up! They sound so refreshing :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. In a&w, I burn more candles and I'm running low so my next candle shopping won't be cheap :) I wouldn't call myself candle obsessed tho :) I need those big 85 hours ones!

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. I love candles too but always end up with SO many! It is hard to resist buying new ones especially during the holiday season.



  6. I've also got a slight candle obsession! Especially during the festive seasons, I just go and buy candles even if I've already got heaps. I went to ikea today and picked up three candles haha whoops! x


    1. Haha, that's exactly me, I just can't help myself x

  7. I'm obsessed with candles as well! These sound amaizng!


  8. I have some candles from home bargains, too. Much better than getting yankee ones that are overpriced!

    Corinne x

    1. Exactly right, yeah they smell good but that price doesn't haha!

  9. I usually get my candles from Ikea or Primark, but I need to try these! :) xx

  10. The candles are must have for this time of the year for me. I don't think I wouldn't be able to live through the dark time other wise x

    Pink Frenzy

  11. Great post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

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