Tuesday, 24 November 2015

10 Reasons Why I Love Blogging ♡

Hey Guys,

So todays post is pretty short and quick and I was hesitant to write it because I only launched my blog late July, so I don't have as much experience as opposed to someone whose had a blog for a year or more. But never the less, I was pretty eager to write it because I really love blogging.

1. The fact that you can write freely, for example, in your own words and it doesn't have to be formal. When writing assignments I have to write so formally and professionally that when it come to blogging, its great to take a break from that sort of writing.

2. Knowing more about someone and being let into their world. This has to be one of my favourites because a blog is someone's personal space, where they share and talk about anything and everything they want. And a blogger may be out and about, yet the people around them don't know they have a blog, yet so many others (the readers) do. Or if someone shoves you on the street, they have no idea that, that one person can share it to how ever many readers!

3. You're readers and fellow bloggers are like friends, and really good friends at that! Everytime you buy a new product or wear an outfit you really love, you can share it and let every one know about it, so they can look into that product themselves. Or on the other hand, it there's a product that is not so great, you are able to warn people off it!

4. I'm on a journey and so are my readers with me, which is what I love. You can write you're inner most thoughts; its a personal outlet.

5. Blogging has made me feel and be more organised, which is what I needed. I can be the ultimate procrastinator, so using a diary to schedule and plan posts as well as what I'm going to do with my day, has definitely made a lot of difference to my life. 

6. Its made me more creative ... well I think so anyway. I like thinking of new posts to write and writing them in my own words, and also taking pictures! I love to format the pictures or add things to the layout of the picture that are completely different to any one else's.

7. It's actually boosted my confidence, I feel more confident to speak to people and be more open!

8. There are no rules! Apart from the legal, copy right, regulations blah blah. There are no rules about how your blog should be, what the content has to be, how the layout and template have to be etc.

9. It's made me realise how much I love writing. When I'm in a blogging mood, I can write for hours on end, planning many posts and getting super excited about them.

10. Finally, it has to be the Blogging Community, I was a little scared entering the blogging world because, hey, I am a beginner, but comments and the connections made, make you feel stronger and more pumped up when it comes to blogging. I love how fellow bloggers are so supportive of each other, yet they've probably never met, to me its extraordinary and pretty amazing. It makes you feel like you're part of a wide, yet very tight knit, positive and awesome community. And the weird thing is, your favourite bloggers can live all over the world, i.e Australia, Malta etc but it feels like your having a full on conversation with them, even when your not, its just by reading their blog.
Fellow Bloggers, what's your favourite things about blogging?

Tip ♡


  1. I love writing as well to express my ideas and whatever comes on my mind.
    Lovin to read such post like this

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  2. I like blogging for similar reasons, especially that this made me more creative in my daily outfits.


  3. I definitely agree! I love blogging and being creative!!

    Lina / lina-khalifa.blogspot.com

  4. I enjoy the blogging community too ♥


  5. Oh my gosh, I can totally agree with all of these, dear! Especially the last point, I think. The blogging community is absolutely wonderful, and I was pretty anxious going in... I thought no one would comment or reply to my comments! But honestly, I couldn't ask for a better community, all of my blogging friends (and that includes you, dear!) are absolutely wonderful, supportive and so inspiring! x


    1. The community is great, omg that's exactly what I thought, I guess it was just nerves! Aww, thank you, you're blog is one of my favourites too ♥

  6. Loved reading this! Great post :)

    Lyndsay // www.ellebeebeauty.com

  7. I really enjoyed reading your reasons for loving blogging! Great post!


  8. Nice post! I enjoyed reading this. One of the main reasons why I love blogging too is because of the freedom :)


  9. Great post! I totally agree with every single one of your points. Blogging is the best! It's definitely given me much more than I could have imagined it would. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  10. Great post and these are all really great positive reasons to love blogging!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  11. I think blogging has definitely made me more creative - and I think my photography has gotten better through it, too. I feel like blogging is sometimes like a job I love haha, it has its ups and downs but it's still something I really like doing.

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Yeah totally, I'm hoping mine has too haha ♥

  12. I couldn't agree more with no. 6! It does pushes our creativity and we discover a side of us that we didn't know. I also agree that the blogging community in general is very supportive and I've been so lucky to make some really dear friends through blogging.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  13. My favorite thing about blogging is that makes me feel free of anxiety
    Lovely post darling


    1. Aww, that's such a good idea and must be a great feeling ♥

  14. Agree with all of these, especially no. 10 :) x

    Viva Epernay

  15. Perfect, couldn't agree more!

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

  16. Love all the reasons , blogging is life !

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC/ Facebook/ Instagram ?

    Let's keep in touch !

    Emily from PTT

  17. I absolutely agree with each & every point you make here!
    The thing I like most about blogging is that it actually gives me the opportunity to connect more with people with similar interests, while I have a lot of guy friends in real life and they mostly don't care about clothes & shopping in general :'D, I absolutely love reading recommendation posts & getting fashion inspiration from other bloggers!
    You have a lovely blog btw! <3


    1. Yeah exactly, its so nice to connect with people who are completely different to you ♥

  18. SO true. That is the reason why i a blogging, too. Great post.

    Valentina | DAILY SUIT

  19. I agree with you so much! It is such a great way to express yourself. :)

    Winn | ♥

  20. I love this blog post idea! My favorite thing about blogging is definitely the creating something you feel strongly about.
    Diana | http://www.dianavilic.com/

  21. Love this post!! <3 agree with you!!
    Chloe xx

  22. blogging really makes for my creative outlet!!! :D great post! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  23. Awww I agree with every single reason, blogging is such an personal outlet and such a social network at the same time! Love being one of your readers a whole lot, Trishna! :)


    1. It really is, I love it! Aww, thank you so much for the support Raashi ♥

  24. Hi Trishna,

    I think you have included almost all the things that I love about blogging too *_^ The most favourite one of mine would be No.10. Yes, it is after all the "virtual friendship" that we forge with other fellow bloggers that is the most rewarding about blogging.

    And it would be even more awesome if we could actually meet our fellow bloggers face to face if the opportunity arises. Hence, if I do get a chance, I would make it a point to meet with fellow bloggers, and that makes the friendship even more special, in that sense.

    I am currently in HK and I just met up with a fellow IG friend, sometimes one may think it is so surreal, but yet, this "virtual friendship" can be as "real" as we want it to be *_^

    Let's enjoy blogging together, shall we? Thanks for dropping by LUMINNEJ and say hi, I hope that would be the last I see you there *_^

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jeann | LUMINNEJ


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