Tuesday, 15 September 2015

#Unigoals | Uni Week ♡

Hey Guys,

I wasn't sure whether or not to write this post but if it goes up, I guess I somehow have made it work and make sense. Now, #goals is a relatively new hash tag and I've seen many people using it on instagram and twitter and thought, hmmm what would me my uni goals! And I know its a term used lightly but I thought I'd make something of it. So here they are:

○ Not running late/ waking up late: This seems pretty hard, well at least for the first week of uni where our sleeping schedules have been set at 10:00AM or later! But, hopefully after the first week has gone by, I get to develop a new schedule!  

○ Not Procrastinating: Okay, this one is going to be difficult because I can be the ultimate procrastinator but because I'm in my second year, I'm going to have to really push myself to get the results I want. In addition, I already know that the second year is going to be much harder so I need to not procrastinate. I feel like this is a motivation point lol, well I'll have this to look back to if I'm feeling unmotivated!

○ Removing makeup as soon as I get home: I'm very strict when it comes to cleansing my face. If I've worn makeup during the day, I like the feeling of having a clean freshly washed face after a long day but I find the whole removing process tedious. So this year, I'm making it my mission to remove my makeup as soon as I get through the front door because so I don't have the 'take your makeup off' thought looming behind me! And after I wash my face I feel more relaxed so I'll get the benefit of feeling it earlier and for longer.

○ Be Organised: This was a problem I had last year so this year I've already committed to using my diary and actually writing in it! And now that I have a blog I want to plan what posts will up on each Tuesday and Thursday. And getting more organised means purchasing 'planner' stationary, so I get to fulfil my love for stationary ☺

○ Stay Healthy: I think this goal is really pushing it but lets give it a go! Throughout the holidays, I've had the chance to research and really know about healthy eating! So I'm hoping I finish early on a few days so I can get home and make something and resist the temptation of eating out, which is quite difficult when you're at uni and there's a zillion places to eat around campus.

○ Control Stress: Controlling stress levels were really hard last year. I think this was because it was the first year and you're not really sure of what to expect, you don't really know anyone and overall you're panicking because you second guess you're choice of attending uni; well those were my worries. So this year, I aim to take everything in my stride and not panic so much. Apart from when those assignments an exams starting flooding in!

I think those are my #unigoals for now, lets hope I can stick to them!
What are you're school or uni goals?

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  1. I feel like all these points apply to me too!

    Good luck sticking to them :)

    // Oh Dollymix

  2. Haha, thanks, I think I'll need it!
    Thanks for reading ♥


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