Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Favourites ♡

Hey Guys,

September, it has gone by pretty quickly, just like the rest of the year has. It has been a month of running round; gathering things needed for uni, really enjoying blogging and planning posts as well as the usual, visiting relatives ☺️  
In the midst of all that I have managed to figure out what I've really been loving this month, whether they are beauty related or just a few miscellaneous and random items.

Rimmel Lipstick, shade: Starry Eyed (£4.99): I picked up a new Rimmel lipstick at the beginning of the month (not that I have enough already!) 
I was on the hunt for a shade thats deep and sultry, a perfect autumn shade and I found one. I have worn it since, and I have found applying it lightly such as with a lip brush or dabbing it on, gives the best effect to suite my skin tone. However, if I'm feeling brave and vampy, I'll apply it normally. 

Ankle Boots H&M (£24.99): I think I Brought these boots way back at the beginning of August, but have only been able to wear them now, as I was saving them for Autumn. For years on end, I've been trying to find the perfect ankle books and haven't been able too, so when I spotted these I knew they wear a winner. They look great with skirts, and rolled up jeans!
Ripped jeans, Dorothy Perkins (From the Frankie Range £22.00): As with the boots, I brought these a few months ago, I think it was in April. I was wary to wear them because I wasn't sure if ripped jeans were my thing/suited me but after wearing them for the OOTW Post, I fell to love them and haven't stop wearing them since, I like to wear these with the boots with my jeans rolled up or simply with dolly shoes/flats. 

Bracelet, Topshop (£5): I brought this from topshop and I like to wear it everyday because it's an easy wear. Like you don't need someone to help you put it on like other jewellery. This has a red string that you simply pull and there's a little star charm, which adds a nice little touch. 

Nail polish remover, Boots (£2.79): I think I brought this brought this in December and this month I've been using it a lot. As I paint my nails with darker shades for the Autumn season, the removal process can be quite difficult using a normal nail polish remover because, I used to, damp a cotton pad with the remover but still can never manage to fully remove the nail polish left in the corners/edges of my nails. Anyway, with this remover, I simply stick my finger in, give it a little twist and wipe with a cotton pad, and everything is removed. 

Ear cuffs, Dorothy Perkins (£6.50): (Although it says £8.50, they were on sale for £6.50! )You may already know that I'm not really keen on heavy accessorising, just lightly with simply earrings or a bracelet. But earrings, particularly ear cuffs, I have fallen in love with this summer. I think I've brought around 5 different packets of earrings! These ear cuffs are a new edition, and ones that I've been wearing in the last two weeks of Sept. My mum was doing an online shop on Dorothy Perkins and persuaded her to put them in her basket. The reason why I like these in particular is because you get two ear cuffs, when normally there's only one sold in each pack. And I also like the size and design. 

Maybelline Master Sculpt, Boots (£6.99): Okay, so I'm not a contouring wizard in any way, and I've actually never contoured, but I've always been interested in it. So I thought a good way to start is with this pallet. I'm still not sure if its like a mini/simple contour kit for novices or just a bronze and highlight duo. Nevertheless, I only brought it for the highlighter which is doing its job!, Although, I don't use this as a part of my everyday makeup!

Generally: This month in general has been solemn and calm, not very exciting but I have already started to get very excited for Christmas after watching two Home Alone movies on telly! It's quite worrying! I'm already planning how we should decorate the living room and tree!

That's all for this month, what have you really been loving? ☺

But before I round this post up, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to two wonderful readers of the blog; Abi and Mrs Vasu as well as my Brother Jinny. Although he will never know that I've left him a message, that's a 14 year old boy for you, haha!

Tip ♡

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  1. That Rimmel lipstick shade looks so gorgeous! I love it. Also, the boots look very nice, a perfect autumn essential :) I wanted to try out contouring and been eyeing Maybelline products for it, I feel like I need to buy them and see how it works out for me :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Its a gorgeous shade! Honestly, you must look into the boots, they're the perfect shape and have a good amount of heel, go for it! Maybelline products are awesome ♥

  3. Ah so many lovely things! I really like the lipstick shade and I need those boots! I keep seeing similar ones around and I really want a pair.


    1. Haha, thanks! H&M and New Look have really nice boots for their AW15 collection, check there out ♥

  4. Great picks! I love the boots, they're so simple and elegant! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  5. Great favorites, the Rimmel lipstick shade is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, it really is! Its such a classic autumn shade!

  6. oooh cute!! Love the earrings, they looks so unique!


  7. Oh, I love that lipstick. Gorgeous shade!

    - Melissa


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