Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pamper Routine | Uni Week ♡

Hey Guys,

So we all need a pamper evening every now and again to revive and refresh ourselves, and everyone needs a little bit of me time. And if you are starting uni again, its a great way to take time out of that stressful 'getting ready for uni' schedule and I can guarantee you that after giving yourself a little pamper you'll be ready to take on the year, hang on, the pamper evening will get you ready for the first day never mind the year! And you might even want to treat yourself to another pamper evening at the end of week, knowing the assignments and exams you have ahead *sigh*.

These products aren't essential; they're just what I like to use. And the best thing about a pamper evening is that you can tailor it your taste, if you hate painting your nails, leave it out, if you want to use a homemade face mask, go ahead. It's your evening!

P.s that's not my hand!

These are just the steps that I like to follow, but go in whatever order tickles your fancy 😉
Because I like to have a bath the night before uni (it just saves me a whole lotta time in the morning) I'm going to paint my nails before I go in the bath, the trick is that after giving the nails drying time, the nail polish that you've got around you're nails (I you're a messy nail painter, like me) will flake off whilst you're in the bath. 

As you can tell, I'm a very messy face mask applier!

After my nails are dry, I apply a nose strip to help get rid if those blackheads and the put a face mask on and cut two circles of cucumber to help combat those dark circles. (If you shower or bathe in the morning then this is when you can do you're nails whilst the face mask dry's.)

But before I head on in the bath, I like to use a lush bomb, these aren't essential but it's a pamper routine so it's a great treat, or if you're not a bath bomb person, bubble baths are pretty awesome too!
So whilst I'm giving my body a soak and letting my face mask dry, I like to just lay in the freshly scented bath and relax. And once my mask is dry I'll just wash it off and get out the bath, or just lay little longer, it is a pamper evening in the end! And if my hair needs a good wash, I'll get that done too! 
After I've finally gotten out the bath and completed my skincare routine, I'll go ahead and get my bag ready for the following day. And plan an outfit because I know in the morning, I'll be wasting a ton of time picking out what to wear and end up wishing I could buy an entire new wardrobe! #girlproblems. 

 And then we move on into the cosy part of the evening which is where I make myself a nice glass of hot chocolate topped of with way too much cream. I'll enjoy that whilst in a pair of comfy PJ's, watching whatever's on TV, and simply forgetting all my worries for the forthcoming day. 
Seen as since school has also begun, why not try this out to help you get through rest of the term!
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See you for the final uni post tomorrow ☺
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  1. Your pamper routine sounds amazing! I love having one to relax and wind down :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Thanks! Me too, they can do so much for the body and mind!
    Thanks for reading ♥


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