Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Rimmel Kate Moss Collection ♡

Hey Guys,
I'm just going to put it out there, I love Rimmel lipsticks, they are by far my favourite drugstore brand for lip products, especially the Kate Moss collection. The lipsticks are really pigmented and long lasting, not to mention affordable. When the Kate Moss Nude Collection was released it was like someone handing me heaven on a plate; anyone who knows me knows that my favourite colours are Nude and Pink, even more so the shade in between; nudey pink. I dislike bright or barbie pink, I'm more about the soft, pastel pinks. I digress.
I went into Boots recently and purchased two shades from the new collection and the classic shade 107, its one of the most wanted Rimmel Lipsticks. Before I started using the lipsticks I thought it would look prettier in a blog picture if they look all brand new, but I have worn them since☺
Yes, the shades are similar, what can I say, Nudey pink is my fave colour!

They retail at £5.49 each.


Shade 08: This is my favourite shade; its just an everyday natural colour with a pop of pink.
Shade 03: Hmm, this has to be my least favourite because its a really nude nude, and I don't think it suits my skin tone, however, my mum loves this shade.
Shade 45: Its really similar to 08 which is why I like it but it is slightly lighter and more pinkier.
Shade 48: It looks really brown and brown lipsticks don't suit me but this shade has a deep red undertone, making it a autumn/winter makeup essential. 
Shade 107: This shade has lived up to all the hype, it is absolutely gorgeous; its a classic red and you cannot go wrong with it ☺
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