Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Two From ELDE Cosmetics ♡

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We're continuing onto Skincare today, from last Thursday's post, but instead of talking all things French Pharmacy, we're heading a North (is it North? I'm bad at geography) and dipping ourselves into Norwegian Skincare. We'll be going all over Europe at this rate haha. For this weeks posts, I'll be speaking about a brand that I've been testing for well over a month now and I'm totally intrigued by what they offer. ELDE Cosmetics, is a brand founded in Norway, inspired by Scandinavian Rituals, using nature as a main source for their cosmetics. The products are natural and organic, full of plants and botanicals ...

Anti Ageing Eye Cream (£72.00)*

Kicking this post off with an Eye Cream, I don't need to go on about how much I love testing eye creams, that's all in Thursday's Post but yes, I've grown to love them. This is a standard eye cream that I was on the fence with after a few weeks of use. I can't lie, the second day I used this, two friendly spots decided to appear right under my dark circles, and that's when I thought, oh no, I'm not going to get on with this. However, after putting it to a thorough test, I like it. I can't say I'm blown away by it, but it does a great job. I feel that my under eyes have gotten more smooth, refreshed and less puffy. It doesn't have any fragrance or scent, but does smell like the Vicks First Defense Nasal Spray haha.
Lipid Serum (£45.00)*

This on the other hand, I love. Its a serum packed full of ingredients, ones that I'm totally familiar with and use on a weekly/daily basis. It has COQ10, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Rose Hip Oil. COQ10, I absolutely love, I use a Trilogy Oil that focuses on that, it's brilliant! And you all know how much I love Vitamin E Oil, I've raved about it in this little post here. I use it every night, on top of whatever other oil I've used. I mainly use it where I have acne scarring, as its brilliant for fading them. With all the ingredients in the serum, I knew it'd be great, and it really is. I've noticed the results the more weeks I've used it. As my cheeks are dry, its helped moisturise and hydrated them, whilst adding a lovely natural glow to the skin. And as I have blemishes, its helped calm them down.
And there we have it, a quick little rundown of two ELDE Cosmetics, have you tried Norwegian Skincare?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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  1. These sound amazing! Im looking for some new skincare so will check them out x


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