Thursday, 3 May 2018

ELDE Cosmetics | Lip & Cheek Rush ♡

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Another ELDE Cosmetics post today, its on the shorter side but it does feature Lip Products, and you all know how much I love anything to do with the lips. I think I can blame my mum for that, she used to love lipsticks, when she'd do her makeup for work, as I was still sleeping, I'd catch her apply her lippie before she set off. And then during the day, I'd have a play around in her makeup bag and I'd find myself applying one lipstick after the other, wipe, apply, wipe, apply, whilst absolutely destroying the lipstick bullet, whoops! Aaah, I digress, onto the post ...

Lip & Cheek Rush (£18.00)*

Before I get all into writing, let me explain the product itself, because I always get onto my opinions and forget to mention what the actual thing is lol. So this is a dual product, it can be used as a lip gloss and used for the cheeks, to act as a little blush and add a flush of colour to the cheeks. There are 7 shades in the collection, ranging from deep reds, to beige. I use it more for my lips than my cheeks, not every shade suits my skin tone but some are the most perfect fit. For the lips, its easy, I just swipe it across and it isn't tacky or sticky in the slightest, it glides on without any fuss. As its a lip gloss, it doesn't last longer than around 3 hours, because it transfers. On the cheeks, its another story, it lasts all day, it doesn't budge, and I don't need to top it up. For the cheeks, I dot it around the apples of my cheeks and blend it out. It almost gives an effortless effect, depending on the shade chosen. If I chose a darker and more Maroon toned shade, I only use about 2 dots, and if I go for a lighter shade, I pack it on.
In terms on pigment, its a good medium, to buildable. But when it comes to blushes, I don't like the product to have a lot of pigment, because I never want an intense blush look, I want something that I can build up, which this product is great for. When it comes to the lips, you will need a few swipes here and there to get the full effect, but when you get there, its beautiful!

What shades are taking your fancy?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I love multi use products and the colours are fab! Thanks for introducing me to them! X


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