Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Real 'What's In My Bag' ♡

Hey Guys,

Now, today I'm sharing What's in my bag, not the standard version. How many of us have read these kind of posts and the contents of the persons bag is pretty wholesome, everything they need but no rubbish? Me, and I've actually written one aaaagggeess ago. That's how my bag starts off, or I've removed all the gunk, 3 other lipsticks and did it for the blog. Well today, I'm showing you all the current state of what's inside my bag, unedited, if you wish. Be prepared for everything, I mean everything ...

It's going to be a quick one because I the contents are pretty self explanatory lol. Lets start off with the fact that I have found three lipsticks in my bag, I've literally used this bag for a few months, yes, it may be a lot to many, 4 lipsticks in one bag, but I'm shocked I don't have about 7 in there haha. The lipsticks I've been carrying are the KVD Lolita Lipstick, Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Spice Girl, Wet n' Wild Lipstick in Bare it All and finally the L'Oreal Lippie in Mahogany Studs.

Receipts, Coupons and random paper, I'm that person who never looks at the receipt and just shoves it in my bag, actually, I do look at them, about 2 days after the purchase. I'm so bad I know! My mum always used to check receipts and used to go back to the till if the cashier had done something wrong, I really need to start looking at it before I leave the store!

Gum, Carmex, Sweets and my Card Holder, things I can never leave the house with, lets go with essentials. Fun Fact, I was never into card holders, as a kids I used to admire when women took out their purses to pay and they'd be fill with cards and money, and think, one day, I'll have a nice purse. And I did, well do, but you see this bag can't fit a full on purse, so instead I use a card holder. The only thing about it is that there's no space for cash or coins, I think I'm going to need a separate coin purse?

Fancy giving this style of post a go, go for it! Let me know if you do, I'd love to have a read :)

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