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theBalm Cosmetics | Meet Mr Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipsticks ♡

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Today's post is all on the Meet Mr Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipsticks, I remember these landing a good few years ago and taking off in the beauty world. They were and still are loved by many and theBalm have added new shades to the range. I think many of us love LL's, I certainly do, but I go through periods where I just want to wear Lipsticks, and then I fall back to LL's, I think they've become more reliable in my mind. Take long days, where I'm out with friends in Central London, I want something that's going to stay put throughout the day, and most importantly through any meals, they last a lot longer than lipsticks! I was kindly sent a few of theBalm Liquid Lipsticks to try and thought I'd review them all for you today ...

Packaging and Applicator

We'll start off with the Packaging and Applicator as always, the Packaging I'll mention in Thurday's Post but I'll keep it related to the LL's. I feel as though theBalm product packaging has become quite popular, you see a cool illustration on a product and you know that it's from theBalm. The packaging emulates the 50s, and gives off all the vintage and retro feels! The Applicator is your standard doe foot wand!

Onto the exciting part, the formula itself is a good consistency, not thin or thick, just that perfect balance. They apply like a dream, because the formula is quite smooth, application is so easy and effortless, you can apply and go, there's no hassle or fuss.

How do they feel on the lips? Lovely! I find that a few LL's dry out my lips and leave them feeling all tight and simply not pleasant but there's none of that with these. They're so comfortable and feel light on the lips, you feel as though you have nothing on, which is always a bonus! Because you never want your lips feeling uncomfortable or heavy in any sense. They also don't take long to dry and set on the lips, LL's with liquidy formulas can take ages to dry, luckily these don;t!

Pigment? Love it, I really do. Each shade is rich and vibrant in colour, you don't need a lot of the product to see the shade itself, a little really does go a long way. Although the deepest shade I have, which is Adoring*, a classic red does apply slightly patchy, which a little going over can't fix.

These don't budge, they aren't going anywhere after the most juiciest meal of your life, which is what we all need. A lipstick that doesn't need reapplying. When I was testing a few shades, I made sure it was on days that I had a full day out or ate a lot, I can happily say, these past the test. By the end of that very day, yes, the LL didn't look as good as when it was first applied, but it was still there! It was just starting to make its way off. However, when it comes to removing a swatch, it won't allow itself to be removed lol. Seriously, when I was swatching for this post, I still had swatch marks 2 days later, a sign of a good product? Totally!
The Shades:
Trustworthy* - A deep nudey Brown.
Committed* -  A classic Pink.
Adoring* - A dark Red.
Sincere* - A muted, dull Pink.
Reliable* - Nude.

And there we have it, have you tried any of these?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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  1. Wow i think my fave is Reliable! I havent tried these before but I might have to now! X


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