Wednesday, 25 April 2018

PIXI Pretties | Weylie Hoang ♡

Hey Guys,

It's time for the last PIXI Pretties Post, with a little bit of unintentional alliteration for ya! The final collaboration is with Weylie Hoang from the Youtube Channel ilikeweylie. I can't lie, out of all the youtuber collaborations, I was totally unfamiliar with the Weylie, I hadn't really known her or watched her youtube videos prior to the collab, but I've watched a few of her videos and I've grown to really like her and her content. She has a vibrant and engaging personality, which is always a winner when it comes to finding new youtubers to watch ...

Let's Talk Eyes Eye Shadow Palette (£22.00)*

This is a 6 shade eye shadow palette with shimmer and matte shades, the shades have warmer hues, great if you love a good warm eye look! I would say, the shades are everyday friendly, and it has a deep brown if you fancy a dark smokey eye. Just like the other eye shadow palettes in the PIXI Pretties Collection the formula is a little on the powdery side, but they do blend effortlessly. In terms of pigment, it's stronger than the shades in the Chloette Palette, there but not as strong as the Cafe con Dulce Palette. On a medium - builable level!

Black Liner Duo* (comes with the Eye Shadow Palette)

This, I'm a little torn on. Let's start with the felt tip liner, you all know I'm rubbish when it comes to felt liners, so I tested this on a day where I wasn't going to leave the house lols. It has a great sharp tip, which makes application easily, but, here comes a but, it smudges and bleeds quite a bit. If you can tell from the very first swatch, it was a straight line but smudged/ bled out. Which is a little annoying. However, I'm all for the Kohl Liner, its effortless to apply, full of pigment and doesn't smudge!

There we have it, three quick posts of the PIXI Pretties Collection, I'll be sure to leave the other two posts below. I do have to say, the Dulce Candy Collection is my fave, the pigment in those shades is amazing! Which collection stood out to you?

Chloe Morello Collab 
Dulce Candy Collab

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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  1. These colours are so nixe for wveryday but i also love the darker colour to add for evening looks x


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