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PIXI Pretties | Dulce Candy ♡

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So, whilst writing PIXI in the title, I wrote Pizza, and now, I really want pizza, I mean Pizza is life, right? I don't think I know one person who doesn't love Pizza. I'm pretty basic with my toppings; Olives, Sweetcorn, Onions, Peppers and Chilies/Jalapenos, the vegetarian standard? But one topping that I avoid, is pinapple, each to their own and all that, but its a no for me! Why have I started a Beauty Post with Pizza, I take full responsibility if you're now craving Pizza, soz! Anyway, today is the second installment of the PIXI Pretties Collection, the Dulce Candy Collab, I wrote up the Chloe Morello Collab yesterday, which you can find right about here. I love Dulce Candy, out of the entire collection, I've watched her the longest and absolutely love her, she's just one of my faves, her makeup looks are always on point and I absolutely love her vlogs ...

Cafe con Dulce Sweet Glow Eye Shadow Palette (£28.00)*

The name of the palette was taken from Dulce's Youtube Series; Cafe con Dulce, which I always watch and I think its so cool to have integrated that into the collection. Right so, this is an Eye Shadow Palette containing 9 bright, beautiful and simply stunning shades. After trying the Chloette Palette, I was nervous about the pigmentation, but wow, Dulce didn't come to play because the Pigment is stunning in the shadows. Its strong and you can get the most beautiful effect whilst using a minimal amount. There is a little bit of fall out, as these are quite powdery, but the top row of shades work really well as highlighters too. There are pinks, browns and peaches in this palette, whilst it may not be used everyday, it defo is one for an event or simply when you want to have eye makeup fun.
Dulce's Lip Candy Sugar & Spice Lip Palette (£28.00)*

I wasn't sure what to make of this palette because I don't often use Lip Palettes, but I when I first started to get into makeup, I used to experiment with Lip Palettes and I would constantly use my mums palettes, I'd be there mixing the shades and swiping them across my lips. It's fair to say, I haven't really used one since. There are 9 lip shades, with a mix of bright pinks to a classic nude, the finish is satin and they can be applied onto the lips pretty easily, and they're also great when it comes to mixing different shades. They are comfortable on the lips, and I haven't found them drying. When it comes to Pigment, I would say its okay, it isn't a one-swipe wonder but it is medium to build able.

And that wraps up day 2 of the PIXI Pretties Posts :)

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I really like the look if the lip colours! I dont have any palrttes but its so good to have so many colours in one product! X


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