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PIXI Pretties | Chloe Morello ♡

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It's me, on a Monday! Shock horror lols! You're probably wondering what I'm doing publishing a post on a Monday, we'll I've been wanting to share my thoughts on the new PIXI Beauty PIXI Pretties collection, and I wasn't sure whether to break it up into three posts or write one collective post up. And then I came to the conclusion to break it up into three short and snappy posts, that I'll publish today, tomorrow and Wednesday. You may have seen many bloggers receiving a wonderful PR Package of the collection, and I was so surprised when one landed on my door, I genuinely had no idea it was coming, I felt and still do feel so thankful! Anyway, lets get onto the post ...

Palette Chloette (£28.00)*

Right, I'm going to kick the series of posts off with the Chloe Morello Collaboration. Chloe is an Austrailian Youtuber, which I've watched on and off for about two years now. I love how fun and uplifting her personality is.The Collab includes the Palette Chloette called Romantic Radiance (a palette with Blushes, Eyeshadows and Liner/Brow Shades) and a Lip Icing in shade Cake.

Starting off with the Blushes in the Palette Chloette, there are three shades, Promise a Peachy Shade, Bouquet, a Pale Pink and Romance a Mauve Pink. The blushes are soft to touch, a little powdery but also a little creamy, which makes them easy to blend! With Pigment, I would say, its there, it just needs building, it actually depends if you want to go for a soft blush or a noticeable version. If you lean towards a more natural look, then I would say 2/3 swipes are enough.
Onto the eyeshadows, there are 6 shades in total, with a mixture of shimmer and matte, all the shades are fairly neutral and natural and can be worn on an everyday basis. I'm a little on the fence about the eyeshadows, I love the shades, because they are the shades I would normally lean towards, but the pigment is a little disappointing. It's quite faint and when applying you do need to keep going back and hit brush to pan. In terms of longevity, I want to say they last around 4-6 hours without primer.
The final products in the palette are the Liner/Brow Shades, which I think work well for creating a smokey eye or smoking out the lower lash line. I'm very bad when it comes to Brows, I just haven't found that product that's easy to use for them. I'm not great at filling them in so I usually just brush them out and go, but I have been using the Unity Shade to fill them in ever so lightly and it seems to be doing the job perfectly.
Lip Icing in Cake (£16.00)*

This is essentially is a Lip Gloss, it's a clear shade that has gold shimmer pigments. You guys know how fussy I am with it comes to Lip Glosses but I can report back on this one and say, I very much like it. Its not tacky in anyway and doesn't have that sticky/icky feeling. As this shade has gold shimmers, I don't like to use it alone, I've used it a couple of times on top of a matte lip and it adds a lovely shine. Before I wrap this post up, I need to talk about the scent of this lip gloss, its amazing, if you know of Terry's Chocolate Orange, its basically that lovely chocolaty-orange smell!

And there we have it, the first of three PIXI Posts :)

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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