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All Things ASOS Makeup ♡

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Who doesn't love ASOS, you can be sure to find anything and everything on there, whether that be a new pair of jeans, shoes or a new highlighter. The beauty section stocks many well known brands such as NARS, Stila Cosmetics and very recently MAC. But, now ASOS have launched their very makeup range; ASOS Design including all things makeup and that's what I'll be doing today, sharing a few bits and bobs from the range ...

Like always, lets start off with the packaging, its designed in pink and has cute little illustrations down the side or on top of each product!
Now, the face items and like most of the beauty world or general world in fact, I've fallen more and more in love with highlighters. Over the last few years and have discovered a few ah-maz-ing ones, and I think I've just added one more the list. The ASOS Chubby Stick Highlighter in Flawed (£9.00)*, I absolutely love this stuff. The effect is so effortless, yet beautifully iridescent. You can add as much or as little as you wish, by directly taking the stick to your cheekbone, or simply using a brush. It blends easily and strong in pigment! The light reflects off the cheekbone perfectly.
Onto the Blush, just like highlighters, I've grown a love for blushers. I've been trialing the ASOS Blusher in Acceptance (£8.00)* and I like it but I have others I like more, if that makes sense. It has a good pigment, there's no doubt about that, but I've yet to find a way that makes it work for my skin tone. But in terms of the actual product, its s decent blush, you can't really fault it. You also get a good amount for £8.00!

The last face product we have is the ASOS Translucent Pressed Powder in Just Breathe (£10.00)*. But before I get onto this, how long does it take for a product to become your holy grail? Well, I've been testing this for around a month and its become a Holy Grail. I love this stuff, I have an oily nose, and this works amazingly at taking away any shine and keeping it at bay. It's the most softest pressed I've ever used, so smooth and grain-free. It also doesn't leave any kind of residue or obvious-ness, another powder that I've been using leaves my nose a little white/ashy, but I can safely confirm, there's none of that with this. I don't know when I'm going to run out of this, but I already know, I'll be purchasing this.
That's the face products spoken about, onto the lips, my fave! Hmm, lets go with the lipstick first, ASOS Makeup have developed around 11 shades, ranging from pinks to a deep brown. The shade Uncompromising (£7.00)* is a beautiful everyday pink. It has a really good pigment, when I say good, I mean great, with one swipe you can see the depth of the shade. Its rich in colour and a little truly shows off the colour. It also lasts a good 5-6 hours before needing a little top up and it quite comfortable on the lips.

The Liquid Lipstick is also great, but does slightly differ. I have the shade Immersed (£7.00)*, which is a muted brown shade with little hints of subtly grey. As this is Matte LL, it does slightly dry out my lips but not the point where its uncomfortable. The liquid lipstick does set nicely and completely dries within a minute or two and it lasts longer than a regular lipstick, lets say 7-8 hours, it won't budge. It also has a great pigment, you don't need a lot of product to get most out of the colour.

ASOS Makeup have a really good range going on here, with pretty low prices, and most of the products work a lot better than a few of the Drugstore ones I've tried!

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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