Thursday, 1 March 2018

What I Got For My Birthday ♡

Hey Guys,

I know this is the week of Birthday Orientated Posts but I thought I'd get them up before March begins, which is today lol - considering Feb was my Birthday Month. Right, so today I have another What I got for my Birthday, I did my first one last year and it actually went down well, so I thought I'd do another this year. A littler disclaimer, I'm not here to brag or anything of the sort, I just enjoy reading this style of posts, purely because I'm a major nosey parker! Anyway, lets get onto the post, here are the things I kindly received from my family and friends ...

DVD Player

I thought I'd get the weird and unusual one out the way, yep, you read that little sub title correctly, I got a DVD Player! Here's how I got round to getting it. I've gotten into DVD's, I know there's netflix but there's a shop we have here called CEX, or something like that, and they sell DVD's for the smallest prices, I'm talking 50P, so I went a bit nuts when I found out, only to get home and find out our Player doesn't work anymore. Which is why I wanted a DVD Player! I mean, it doesn't just benefit me does it, see I was thinking of everyone at home :P

Old Skool Black and White Vans

This reminds me how easily swayed I am by bloggers. I saw a popular blogger wearing these and pictured them with various outfits and that confirmed that I needed them lol. I am yet to wear them out, but I have tried them on and I can safely say, damn, they're so comfortable. And they're monochrome.

Zara Perfume in Dandelion

I'm so bad at describing perfumes, so I going to keep this short and sweet, much like the perfume. Its a sweet, fruity smell, not what I'm used to but I like it. It has notes of Jasmine, Peach and Vanilla.

Kat Von D Lipstick in Lolita

I think I mentioned this in my Birthday Face Blog Post, so I won't ramble. But in short, I read about it in Shireen's post and practically needed it. Its a gorgeous everyday muted pink, and super comfortable too.

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

My friends got me this and when I saw it, I was so surprised, because I really wasn't expecting it. I remember swatching this with my friend and loving it, I'm so happy to have both. They're both as great as each other, this obviously lasts longer because its a matte finish as well as being an LL.

Benefit Badgal Mascara

I was actually in two minds about getting this and I ended up receiving it lol. I wanted it because it's received quite a lot of hype but I already have more than enough Mascara's, not to forget I purchased 4 mascara's in the month of Feb, 3 in one Boots shop! Yep, I have a post coming up soon. I haven't tried this just yet, but I'll keep you updated.

Kurt Geiger Carvela Bag

I love this! Its so pretty, minimalist and perfect. I love cross body bags and this is the most perfect size, length and design. It has a great structure too :)

Gift Card

I don't need to go on about this lol, enfing on a short note, a gift card acceptable for so many shops!

And there we have it : )

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  1. The new benefit lash and Lolita are two products that I really want to try! You got so many lovely bits. X



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