Thursday, 22 March 2018

LOLA Makeup by Perse ♡

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I love finding new makeup brands, when I was a teen, I ever knew about the world of ABH, Colourpop, and other brands, all I ever knew were the makeup stands in Boots. The L'Oreal, Rimmel and oh Barry M was a fave! Now, deeply in the world of beauty, there are things called Cult Beauty, Feel Unique etc that help satisfy my makeup obsession. And that's what I thought I'd share today, a quick little post on a new makeup brand, LOLA Makeup! I've seen the brand floating around Instagram and everything looks great, vibrant and full of colour! I've kindly been sent a few things from the brand that I'm so excited to show you all ...

Lola Makeup Duo Kajal + Eyeliner (£21.00)* & Automatic Pencil Crayon (£8.95)* 

Lets start off with the Duo, I think I've mentioned this a few times but I rarely ever wear eyeliner, purely for the fact that I don't think it suits me very much and I'm terrible at applying it, seriously! If I even try to apply eyeliner, it'll end up somewhere near my eyebrow, I'm not even exaggerating, that's how bad I am haha. Having said that, I do know what makes a good eyeliner, my sister loves the stuff and so did my mum. I tested this on a day I was at home and where only my family could see my botched eyeliner job. Upon the first application, the tip is quite sturdy, you don't want a flimsy eyeliner tip when applying, the sturdy tip defo helped me! In terms of pigment, it is strong, dark and deep. And finally, the longevity, oh its good, pretty much lasted over 6-7 hours, and I have oily eyelids, I was quite surprised at how long it lasted and it didn't smudge one bit.

Kajal and Automatic Pencil Crayon? Phew, I can deal with Kajal and Crayon, they're so much easier to apply haha. A few strokes back and forth on the waterline and I'm done, easy! They're similar to the Eyeliner in terms of pigment, the tip and longevity, it also doesn't bleed.

Long Lasting Intense Colour Lip Gloss (£9.95)* 

Lip Glosses have a funny trend in my beauty life, as a kid I loved them, simply playing about with the kids lip glosses, then it got a little more serious in my teens, I upgraded to known brands and a few years ago, when I hit 20, I purchased the NYX Butter Gloss, and loved it. Then the whole Matte Lip trend came in and I don't think I've purchased a gloss since. I began to dislike them because I was so used to a matte lip, but now, quite recently actually, I've started using lip glosses on top of a matte lip. Having said that, I'm quite fussy with glosses, I don't like them to be tacky and sticky, which is what I was looking out for with this gloss. I've been using the shade Pink Shimmer, which doesn't suit my skin tone if worn alone, which is why I use it as a topper. I can safely say, its pretty comfortable on the lips and doesn't at all feel tacky! Winner!
Are you a fan of lip glosses?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Ive tried a few products by them and was quite impressed so might have to try a few more now x


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