Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tips Tastes | Bombay Bustle (The Birthday Edition)

Hey Guys,

A little heads up, this weeks posts are orientated around my birthday lol, it was earlier in the month but only just celebrated it with friends. My friend and I have birthdays that are days apart and so we always plan something together and hit the town. Last year, we went to watch Aladdin the musical, which by the way is incredible and this year we were stuck on what to do. We ended up booking an Escape Room, we had done one for our birthday about 5 years ago and loved it, so did another at a different company. It was so much fun, if you're unaware of what an Escape Room is, well, excuse my explanation because it's not going to be good lol, but its where you get locked in a room, but before you do, the person gives you the scenario and aids you throughout the process. You have loads of things in the room, often keys leading to other rooms and you follow clues, open padlocks, do a range of things to help get out. You have an hour to do so. Sadly, we didn't get out in time, we were so close but the man came in once our time was up and showed us how we would've finished. If you're thinking of doing one, do it, you won't be disappointed. And so after that, we had reserved a table for a restaurant called Bombay Bustle (an Indian Cusine), somewhere we had never been and a little upmarket, get ready for a quick little review ...

Masala Dosa & Malabar Chicken Wings
Podi Idli Sambhar 

We over ordered, as per usual but never the less, the food was so tasty. Lets start of with Small Plates/ Starters. We ordered the Trio of Masala Dosa, Podi Idli Sambhar, Malabar Chicken Wings and the more recognizable Popadoms lol. Let me quickly explain what the first two are, Dosa if you aren't aware is a thin cripsy, but soft lentil/rice pancake stuffed with potato curry, but can be filled with a varitey of things. Whereas the Idli is, hmm, how do I say this a savory cake served with a daal curry and Chutneys. I can safely say, they were all great, I can't speak of the Chicken Wings because I'm vegetarian lol but the verdict from my friends was, 'they're spicy but so good'. I think the Dosa was my fave, light crispy and tasty.
Dum Tarkari Biryani
Chana Masala
Nalli Nihali

Onto mains, now here's where we went a little crazy but the motto of the night was 'we're only 22 once'. Let me get right into it, we ordered Dum Tarkari Biryani (Vegetarian Biryani), Chicken Tawa Pulao (Chicken Biryani), Nalli Nihali (Lamb Curry), Paneer Butter Masala (Cottage Cheese Curry), Chana Masala and Naan Bread. That all was for 3 people, I told you we went a little nuts haha. Was it worth it though? YES, I loved the vegetarian dishes and my friends loved them all, their favourite was the Chicken Biryani, I think and I think mine was the Vegetarian Biryani, it was full of flavour, spice and pure scrumptious-ness.

Aaaand we thought we were finished until the lovely staff at Bombay Bustle brought out a little suprise! Mini Cheesecakes, we were so shocked, suprised and amazed! It looked so good and fancy, tasted pretty fantastic too :)

Would I go back? YES YES YES. The service was beyond amazing with friendly and smiley staff. Great food, Great Service and Great Company. what more could you ask for?

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