Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tip Tastes | Bella Italia ♡

Hey Guys,

Another Tip Tastes today, I'm getting good at Alliteration lols! Today, we're talking all things Bella Italia, it's one of mine and my friends fave restaurants, and actually on the way there, I said to my friend, have I done a Tip Tastes of Bella Italia? And she replied, 'nope, I don't think you have' and we were both pretty surprised because we've been so many times, and with that knowledge, I said 'I'll do one today'! I'm not sure if Bella Italia is only a UK thing, but in simple terms, its an Italian restaurant (not that its obvious in the title). I love Italian food, honestly, just give me Pizza/ Pasta for a week and I'm one happy bunny ...

Right, lets start with the starters, we went with what we always go for, which is the Pizza Bread with Chilies and Spicy Tomato Sauce and it was glorious, we love this! Purely because its so easy to eat, and fills you up perfectly for a starter dish! Its basically a pizza bread, covered with a light, spicy tomato sauce, topped with sliced chilies. It sounds like a spicy dish, but it really wasn't. Oh oh, and we also got a side of Chips!

Onto mains, every time I've come here, I've always had a play around with mains, I never got the same dish, until last time, when I ordered a pasta dish and had to do the same again because it really is amazing! Its called the Gamberoni, which is Prawn Spaghetti, but as I'm a vegetarian, I swapped the prawns for onions, get that smelly breath girl! It also comes with in a spicy tomato sauce with garlic and chilies. Again, it sounds spicy, but it wasn't spicy at all! Whilst we were eating, my friend told me that Gamberoni actually means prawns in Italian, how ironic? I ordered a classic Italian dish, without the main ingredient! Anyway, was it any good? YUP, I think I've found a dish that I know will never fail!
And to finish with Dessert. We weren't sure what to go for, but we ended up going for Cookie Dough, we knew no Cookie Dough would be good enough to be that of Pizza Hut, because lets be honest, they do the best! But, this wasn't terrible, incredibly sweet and we couldn't finish it but it was alright. A little crispy around the edges, but hey, it was good!

There we have it, a quick little Tip Tastes, oh yeah, the service, uhmmm well, it could've been better, I feel like we were waiting ages to either order or get the bill. Will it stop me from going back? Nope, the food is just too good :)

Tip ♡

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