Thursday, 22 February 2018

Stranded Beauty ♡

Hey Guys,

I've got a little tag for you all today, not that I've been tagged but ya know, I fancied doing one myself lols. I think this tag already exists, just under other titles, the desert island picks, desert island beauty products etc, do they ring any bells. Well, I've gone with Stranded Beauty. If you're unaware of the tag, its basically a 'what beauty products do I take if I were to be stranded in a Desert' well, something along those lines. Now, of course, we would all need Pizza and Pasta, and anything sweet, hang on, we'd also need Water right, but what about Beauty? What would we take along the lines of Beauty? I'm not thinking of the fact that I'm going to be hot, sweaty and the sun is going to be glaring into my eyes, because with all that, we'd need SPF, I'm talking, Holy Grail's, which ones make the cut to help me survive in the Desert ...

Lets start off something that will help prime, add glow and mattify certain areas of my skin and that would have to be the Bio Essence 24K Gold Miracle Finisher (full review). I know this would do its job perfectly!

Next up, the ultimate OG, the Nars Creamy Concealer, how could I not take this, like seriously? Pigment, Coverage, Comfortability, Long Lasting, equals a Check, Check, Check and Check! I love and live by this stuff, ever since I got it around a year ago, I haven't used any other concealer, apart from my trusted Maybelline Fit Me, which would also be making its way with me. Hang on, I were really going to be stranded, I think I'd only take 1 concealer, which makes the cut?

Find out in next weeks post!

LOL, I'm joking obvs. I think I'd take the Nars, purely because it gives better coverage and is a lot more long lasting, but that being said, you can't beat the price of the Fit Me.

What else would I take, defo a mascara, lets go with Maybelline Lash Sensational because I think everyone and their mothers would. Volume, Curl and no clumps, yes please. When that sun shines onto my lashes and creates a shadow in the sand, I want to be able to spot my lashes, and I'm sure Lash Sensational would help me achieve that goal. Yes its goal, its really not, I'm being melodramatic. Or is it dramatic, what is the difference between melodramatic and dramatic?

A lipstick, yes please. Now this would be hard, because I think everyone knows how much I love a good lippie, do I take a Liquid Lipstick or a Lipstick? I think purely because of longevity, it would have to be a Liquid Lipstick, we all know they last a lot longer than Lipsticks, now just to pick one that is comfortable and non-drying ... 'Trishna deliberates' ... 'Still Deliberating' ... 'I think she thinks this is actually going to happen to her' ... 'She's got an answer'. It has to be Huda Beauty in Spice Girl, my kind of browny shade, an everyday browny shade at that. It doesn't budge and feels very comfortable.

Is that it? Naah, lets chuck in one more, Carmex anyone! Yes please, I don't leave the house without this and I've banged on about it more than enough on here!

If you fancy having a go, I'd love to have a read! What would your 'Stranded Beauty' be?

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  1. What a fun post! Your picks are quite practical for being stranded, I must say! I’ve been meaning to try Huda’s lippies, I’ve heard such great things. Would you believe I’m allergic to Carmex?! Yup. I used it for years and then out of the blue, I became allergic. I don’t know if there was a minor change in their formula, but I look like I got stung by a bee on my lips when I use it now :( Thankd for sharing, girl, and I hope you have a great weekend!




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