Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Newness From PIXI Beauty ♡

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I feel like I haven't published a review post in ages, but alas, I'm back with one today, all thanks to a lovely surprise package from PIXI Beauty! I adore many things from PIXI, my fave being the glow tonic, is that a surprise? But I've never ventured away from their skincare and after having a good ol' test of the new MatteLast Liquid Lipstick, I really need to do it more often, I've not even got onto the review yet, but they're incredible! And so are the skincare bits ...

PIXI Rose Caviar Essence (£26.00)* & PIXI Rose Flash Balm (£26.00)*

Lets start off with the skincare, and the Rose Caviar Essence* to be precise. I have gotten on with this more than the other, this, essentially is an moisture serum, encapsulated with flower oils and it smells divine. It genuinely smells like roses and it really is beautiful. Right so, as its a serum, you apply this after cleansing and toning and it feels incredibly light on the skin. It has brightened my complexion and I feel as though my skin is a lot softer to what it used to be. What I love about this is the texture, because it easily rubs into the skin and isn't tacky, which is what serums I've used in the past are, also, a little goes a long way.

Next up, its the Rose Flash Balm*, this is a 3-in-1, a moisturiser, primer and mask, so you use it as needed. Whether you want to prime before makeup or leave it on for about 5 minutes, for it to act as a mask, you get the gist. It's suitable for all skin types and can be used to help wake up dull and tired looking skin. I've only ever used it as a moisturiser and mask, I like it but I don't love it. It certainly does what it claims, in that it helps add mositure and brighten the skin but I think the reason I don't love it, is because I'm not blown away by it.
PIXI MatteLash Liquid Lipsticks (£16.00)*

Now, this is where it gets exciting, because, its no secret around here, that I absolutely love Lipsticks, anything of the sort! And these have become my go-to's, I'm going to be quite quick and flash about these:

Packaging and Applicator: Standard, a normal bottle with Pixi by Petra printed across the side. The applicator is a doe foot tip with a sharp, bendy, but sturdy tip to help get precise application.
○Dreamy, absolutely lovely! Its a good consistency, not too thick and not too liquidity and the lipsticks glide on really easily, smoothly and creamy.

○The pigment is solid, very strong, you only need a little swipe on each lip to get a burst of colour. They're rich in colour and a little goes a long way!

○Drying? None of that, well for the lips of course, I've found that these don't dry out my lips, in fact they feel completely comfortable and weightless. However, drying in terms of getting fully matte, takes a good 5-7 minutes. Yup, they do take a little bit of sitting time before they're fully dry.
Wear-Ability: OMG, this is what I love about them, they won't budge! You can have the most messiest Lunch & Dinner, or whatever and it won't smudge in the slightest. They won't even wear at the middle of your lips, so you won't end up looking like a Spice Girl! There's no need of reapplying with any of these, however, when it comes to removing your makeup, it takes me a bit of time to remove this!

The Shades:

And there we have it, a little run down of all things (new) PIXI!

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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