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Budget Beauty | Essence Cosmetics ♡

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Now, I love anything and everything Beauty, in case you couldn't tell lols, but there's nothing I love more than beauty that doesn't cost much, is Budget Friendly and of course works! Which is why I'm giving a few Essence Cosmetics Products a run down, its a brand I have adored for a good few years now and I'm excited to try more things out. I remember a few years ago, Essence Cosmetics was all the rage and I couldn't find it anywhere, until I spotted a stand at my local Wilkinsons, this is a Wilko's that I've been going to for over 7 years. So, I probably passed that stand every time, until I finally looked to my Right and went OMG I finally found it! I mean, to say I was disappointed that I hadn't discovered sooner is an understatement. Thankfully my love for Essence Cosmetics is now in full swing ...

Essence Correct to Perfect CC Concealer Palette*  Shade: Nobody is Perfect(£3.50)

Lets start off with this Colour Correct Palette. I normally only use a Green Corrector to help correct any scars but I've also been using the Orange for my under eyes and I can safely say, they work. I normally use a Kiko Milano Green Corrector but I've been swayed by this verson, its easy to blend and corrects, correctly lol! And for 3.50, you can't really go wrong :)

Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter*  Shade: Be a Unicorn (£3.50)

When I spotted this, I did a little squeal of excitement because its so beautiful. I wasn't actually sure if the different colours would suit my skin tone because I'm so used a golden highlight and I didn't know how to use it, surprisingly. Do I pick a shade and apply it individually, or do it swipe my brush down to get a bit of each shade? So I tried both ways lol, I prefer using the shade below the red because it suits me the best out of all. But all in all, its a good Highlighter, pigment does need building but does last throughout the day and is very soft in texture.

Essence Make Me Brow* Shade: Browny Brows (£2.50)

I love this, I think this is my favourite of the bunch! Because it works effectively; exactly how a brow product should be. Its the most perfect shade, and a great formula. But what makes it for me is the brush size, it fits the brows nicely, its not too big or too tiny :)

Essence Metal Chrome Blush* Shade: My Name Ist Gold Rose Gold

Before I read that this was a blush, I thought it was a highlighter, because it did really look like that. I'm on the fence about this, there's not denying the fact that this is beautiful but it doesn't really do much. The pigment and longevity aren't great, but if you're looking for something light, with the tiniest amount of flush to your cheeks, then this is for you.

Essence Super Last Eyeliner* Shade: Deep Black

I can't really give much thought on this, purely because I don't wear eyeliner. I can never apply it properly, knowing me, I'll start off on my eyelid and end up somewhere near my eyebrow! Yup, I'm that bad lol. But there are 2 things I can vouch for, this is super strong in colour, when it says its shade, deep black, it sure is! And second, its got a wobbly tip, so when you apply the eyeliner, it wobbles quite a bit.

Essence Metal Shock Nail Powder* Shade: Mirror Mirror on the Nail

I love this stuff, its so pretty and glittery, I have the chance to use it on my nails yet, because I've Shellac's at the moment. What I can say is, it makes a fantastic eye topper, I know its not meant for that, but I used a damp eye brush and swooshed it over my lids, and I couldn't have been happier or any more sparkly lol!

Essence Soft Contouring Lip Liner* Shade Sucker for Grey

I'm not even going to beat around the bush about this, I didn't get along with it. I really hoped I would because Lip Products are my fave but this pencil is really tough. You have to put a lot, a lot of pressure on your lips for the colour to show. It's a greyish purple shade but weak in pigment sadly.

Essence Lips Go Wow Lip Palette* Shade: Show em' Your Style

This is really soft and creamy in texture which I like, because it makes application extremely easy. However, the pigment isn't so strong, but totally build-able. They're of a matte finish and the palette comes with four shades; a metallic, pink, browny purple and deep purple. I get along with the metallic, its super pretty but the deep purple is slightly on the streaky side.

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


  1. The essence make me brow is ah-mazing! It was my go-to before I switched to Green beauty...and I definitely miss it! That rainbow highlighter is pretty cool too 😊

  2. Out of all of it the eyeshadow palette has to be my fave! So gorgeous! Xx


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