Thursday, 23 November 2017

Vaseline for Eyelash Growth? | Tip Tests ♡

Hey Guys,

Aaah, I'm SO excited to finally get this post out, it's been in the works for just over a month, and by works I don't mean writing it for a month, I mean actually testing. I'm guessing from last Thursday's post you saw this coming and the title pretty much says it all. For over a month, I've been 'testing' Vaseline for eyelash grow and have taken photo's every Thursday until today to progress the growth (how professional does that sound lols), even up to today. The final set of pictures were taken today morning, because I wanted to kind of keep this raw and up-to-date if that makes sense? Before I get into it, let me just explain what I've been doing, every night, for a month, I've been applying your standard Vaseline to my lash line (I gently rub it in), and eye lashes, just using my fingers, in the hope that it would legthen/grow my lashes. I've seen so many youtube videos on this and wondered if it genuinely worked. So, lets just get into it shall we, it's a pretty photo heavy post ...

I wasn't sure how to go about this post, should I include just the before/after?, show the weekly photos? or just do it all. So as this is a Tip Tests, I thought I'd do it all! I'll insert all the pictures with the dates below and discuss right at the end. I took two photo's each Thursday, natural lashes and curled lashes.

Natural Lashes:

Curled Lashes:

And I remembered from my Lash Sensational Comparison Post that I took a picture with mascara for that, and so thought I'd compare it a month later with the same mascara!

And for the final set of photo's, lets bring it back to just the Before and After:

Aah, and there we have it! Comparison's done. Now to discuss:

Did it work? Does Vaseline really grow lashes?
I'm so disappointed to say, nope, nada, nothing, has happened to the length of my lashes ... at least to the naked eye. Upon first glance, you can't tell anything, however, I've 'analysed' the lashes from before and after and I can see a slight lengthening, and I say that loosely because it's not incredibly obvious.

Were you annoyed?
Yup, a little, I can't lie lol. Purely because most of the youtube videos I've seen, the lashes have lengthened by a considerable amount.

Was there any benefit?
Yes, one thing I can vouch for when it comes to apply vaseline to the lashes, it didn't necessarily lengthen my lashes but it certainly thickened them, or the roots at least. I think that's quite evident in the Curled Lashes photo's. The lashes look more fuller, darker and thicker.

Will you continue?
I won't on a daily basis, maybe weekly because it Vaseline does leave my eye area soft and smooth and acts as a moisturiser for my lashes. So as a Mascara lover, who wears it most days of the week, I think my lashes could do with some nourishment from week to week.

Are you now going to get your eyebrows threaded?
URM YESS! This weekend actually haha, that reminds me I really need to book an appointment :)

And there we have it, a full blown Tip Tests. I wanna hear what you think of this post, do you see any growth? Will you be giving it a go?

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  1. I remember watching Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and she put vaseline on her eyelashes to make them grow longer and I tried it as a kid and felt so cheated! It's such a hilarious myth but amazing that you spent all the time with the photos to get the conclusion! xx

  2. That’s so sad it didnt work! I had high hopes for you! I have stopped using vaseline altogether recently. Even on chapped lips as I just feel it makes thrm drier lol

    Amina xx


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