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Tip Tests: 5 Heatless Curls Methods ♡

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Ooooh, this one has been a long time coming, I'm actually really excited to get it published. So, a month or two ago, I started testing Heatless Curls, and various methods on how to achieve them. And I have been pleasantly suprised by some of the results and pretty damn annoyed with the others, but, hey, its all in the name of testing right? Also, I've been wanting to write up something really light hearted and fun, which is where my 'posing' comes in, I hope my selfies achieve the attention they deserve (sarcasm!). But all in all, I really wanted to do this post because I wanted to round up in one post whether all these methods work and show the results, I always get annoyed when I don't see the full result in a Youtube video. Get ready for this one, its picture heavy and includes, the good, the bad and the ugly ...

Okay, so let me mention the rule I had for all of these methods, just to make things fair. They were all done on dry hair, that had been washed and dried lol and I only gave the method 2 hours to work. Typically, I would have a bath, 'manufacture' the hair style at 11, take pictures, let it sit until 1 and then unfold the curls and take another round of pictures, of the finished 'look'. I did this every week for about 5 weeks,testing different methods, until I couldn't find any more methods to test! PS,lets excuse my no makeup days :P

Method 1: The Plaits

Lets start off with the well known method, the plaits, super easy, quick and widely used!

The Process: Simple, part your hair into two and plait/braid away and keep in for 2 hours.

The Verdict: Ah, I knew this would work because I'v done it before but if we're talking about curls, nah, forget about this. It leaves you with waves, and if that's what you're after, natural, heat less, beachy waves, this is your method.

Method 2: The Buns

I know what pictures your about to see and I am LOL'ing so hard at and to myself. This, just like the plaits is widely used, but putting your hair in 1 or 2 buns, I took it that step further and put my hair in 4 buns. Okay, get ready for the result, and to LOL.

The Process: Divide your hair in quarters and put each quarter into a bun, although, you'll probably want to avoid this method.

The Verdict: Hopefully it gave everyone a little laugh, because I am avoiding this like I'm avoiding the wasp in my bathroom, yes, there is genuinely a wasp in my bathroom, as I this post and I am avoiding that room pretty hard!!

Method 3: Bendy Rollers

I found these bendy rollers in the cupboard the other day and decided to give them a go. The packet was about £4, and probably is the 'expensive' method of this whole post because its the method that actually uses a tool. This is the one I was a bit like, 'oh, will it genuinely curl my hair' but, I'll just let the results do the talking.

The Process: Wrap your hair around each bendy roller and then and bend the both ends inwards to secure the curl but I also clipped the roller to my head because without, the roller was way too loose.

The Verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Ever since I stopped testing all the methods, I've just been using this to curl my hair. As you can hopefully tell from the pictures, the curls are defined and have a good amount of curl. The only downside is that they didn't last very long. I'd give them 3 /4 hours before the curls fell out.

Method 4: The Tuck

Yep, the tuck, I didn't know what to call this, so I went with the tuck, if the rock and be THE ROCK, we can call this the Tuck! I remember trying out this method waaay back in the day, when it first came to light but I couldn't remember the outcome, so gave it a go!

The Process: Put a headband on your head, almost like a halo and take pieces of your hair and wrap them around the headband, until you finish. When you get right to the back of your head, you have to tuck the hair into the hairband, it may get difficult to tuck the hair, as the band gets heavier and full, so instead. When you tuck the hair in, you're going to have to shove it in and bobby bin in.

The Verdict: Eeeh, its okay. There is defo a good amount of curls there, which are slightly defined. But these are more on the loose, effortless, soft curl side. But curls, none the less!

Method 5: The Pincurls

Well, pin curls, kinda. Pin curls, but not flat, is what I mean. This was an idea my friend gave, she tried it on her cousin and I went, hang on, I'm writing up this post, why not just chuck it in too. And that leaves us with Method 5.

The Process: I thought it was going to be a lot harder, and more fiddly in a sense, but its actually straight forward. Depending on the type of curl you want, 1 finger for tighter curls, 2 fingers for a looser curl) wrap a section of your hair around your finger (s), then twist that curl up to your scalp and then pin with 1/2 bobby bins.

The Verdict: Not bad, not bad at all, the process only took about 10-15 mins and there's evident curls. I wrapped the curl around 2 fingers, but next time, I fancy going for a tighter curl. The hold, the curls didn't last throughout the day, probably similar to the bendy roller curls. 3-4 hours.

And there we have it, 5 tried and tested 5 Heatless Curl Methods, which do you think worked best?

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