Thursday, 26 October 2017

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Hey Guys,

So, TV Shopping, do you do much of it? A lot of it? Or are you a, uhmm, what's TV shopping? Well, I for one, have shopped off the TV a couple of times and its very hard not to get sucked in! I mean, a few shopping channels have started selling beauty products, and I'm talking the good stuff. So of course, being a beauty lover, I'm there, sat on my sofa and think, yep, I really  don't need a new Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleaner, but I'll just call from my phone and order one, because it's really that easy haha! Ideal World is a very popular shopping channel here in the UK and they've created a blogger box* featuring well known brands and I was kindly sent a box to try, lets get into it shall we ...

The Nano Whitening Strips & Nano Toothpaste + Toothbrush 

I have grown to love teeth whitening, when I younger, I used to find myself using baking soda and turmeric just to get my teeth white lol. But now that I'm a little older, I know of all these whitening products and I'll just stick to them! I hadn't heard of the Nano brand until I gave them a little google but the toothpaste actually works, it has helped whiten my teeth and make them look that little brighter. I can't speak about the whitening strips because I haven't actually tried them, guilty. But, but, but, I have a good reason, I want to save them for my graduation lol. It's next month and 7 days before, I shall be testing the kit out and blogging about it then :)

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Gold Vitality Day Cream (Gold Packaging) + Night Cream (Brown Packaging)

I have to start with the packaging, I mean, there's mini diamante's all round, which adds that luxury appeal. The products themselves? They're good, the night cream is great, I favor that more than the day cream. The day cream, although it leaves my skin soft, it makes it more oily as the day goes on and I find myself blotting my nose and cheeks more when I use the day cream. However, the night cream, heeelooo, I wake up with supple and and hydrated skin.

Change by Lisa Riley  

Now, I think we all know by now how notoriously bad with describing perfumes on the blog, so for both our sakes, I'll keep it brief haha. It's got that musk-y scent with hints of Sandalwood, orange and jasmine; its quite strong but holds the scent well.  By that I mean, it won't just fade throughout the day, you'll catch a whiff of yourself 4 hours down the line and go 'damn, I smelll goood', this is was hours of my brother watching Nickelodeon does to me haha!

Aaand there we have it for today's post, be sure to give the Ideal World Website a little google, if anything caught you're eye :)

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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