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Finally, I'm getting round to reviewing the Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara. When I saw it in store, I knew I had to give it a try, as I love the original, the Lash Sensational. It's the only mascara I used for months on end, the effect is pretty amazing. I was going to write a standard review but then I thought, why not compare both? At least that way, we can see which fairs the best and there's evidence lol ...

Maybelline Lash Sensational (£8.99)

Aaah, remember all the hype and love when this came out? It certainly didn't disappoint and 2 years later, its still much loved and one of the best drugstore mascara's. I'm just going to get straight to the point with the comparison, starting off with the original mascara. It does everything and more to your lashes and does exactly what it says. Adds an insane amount of volume, length, curl and definition. Happily separates the lashes and does not clump. Let me repeat that. This mascara does not clump. Well on my lashes anyway lol. I mean it can't get anymore perfect. My tube has tried up a little bit because I've had it so long but it is a good formula, not too wet nor sticky. It dries after a good minute or two upon application and doesn't smudge. If I blink when applying, that's a whole different story, I'm talking mascara all up on my eyebrow and beyond, yes, beyond, don't even ask how lol. And that's all I've got for the original, oh wait hang on, it does flake during the end of the day, after a solid 6/7 hours, I'd say.
Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara (£8.99)

Right, this, does a similar job, gives all the length, volume, etc. But I've found, the effect of this mascara is amplified in comparison to the original. It adds that little more definition and curl. However, I'm still in two minds about this mascara. Although the effect is fabulous, the formula is a lot wetter, I mean a lot wetter, its probably because it's infused with different oils such as rose and argan oils. That's the annoying thing because I get it everywhere, even when I'm being careful, there will always been a few spots on my eyelid. The other downside is that it clumps after 2/3 coats.
The Overview

Well, I still can't figure this one out, yes the effect of both of these are super similar and pretty amazing from a drugstore mascara but the formulations are slightly different. I love the original but I also love the Luscious. Is it obvious that I'm indecisive lol. But truth be told, I love combining the two, what I do is apply the Luscious all over, only 1 coat and then I go in with the Sensational to help further separate the lashes and de clump a few areas. I'll leave a picture below to show the combination. Do I still have to choose a favourite? Okay, okay, it would be the original, only because I much prefer the formula and it doesn't clump.

See you all for the next post, have you tried any of these, which one do you prefer?

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