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Cohorted | Round IV ♡

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4, IV means 4, I had to google that because I am so bad Roman Numerals. I remember learning them in school and after III, everything went in one ear and out the other! Anyway, we're on round 4 of these Cohorted Beauty Box Reviews and I have grown to love this little subscription box, we all know how it works, its a box priced at £35, but of course, the contents individually would equate to double/triple the amount. The products are quite luxurious and there's always brand discovery, where we get introduced to a new and upcoming brand. I was kindly sent the October Cohorted Beauty Box*, so lets take a look at its contents, shall we? ...

PIXI BY PETRA Brow Tamer: RRP £12.00

First up we have a Brow Product and this was the first product that I laid my eyes on, as I opened the box, even though there's a medium sized eye shadow palette (talk about spoiler lol). It probably caught my eye because I LOVE Pixi Beauty and it's the green packaging, I'm oh-so familiar with :) So, it's all in the title, its basically a brow gel that helps keep those brows at bay, throughout the day (that's as far as my poetry skills go). It's a clear gel and I've used it everyday I've worn makeup for the past 3 weeks because it works so well. Easily sets the brows, without leaving them crusty /hard and shapes the brows nicely!
The Innate Life Rose Hair Elixir: RRP £12.00

Anything with the word Elixir in it, I'm sold! This is a hair elixir that contains 15 plant oils that all come together to help your hair feeling soft, repaired and adds a little shine, non greasy shine, of course! I've used this throughout the weeks and can happily say, it works. It does exactly what its meant too and gives me the lightest feeling hair. I apply it after I've washed my hair and before I dry it as it also acts as a heat protectant. I have to mention the scent, its glorious! It's a rose scent and genuinely smells so perfect!
Clarins Gloss Prodige: RRP £16.00

Now, I love a lip product and love that the box always features some form of lip product! This month is was a gloss, when it comes to a gloss, I can be fussy. I seriously dislike sticky, tacky glosses, but I can confirm, has none of that. It feels comfortable and adds a good amount of gloss on the lips, if that makes sense. I've used this as a lip topper, and added it onto a matte lippie.

Lancome Advanced Genifique 5ML X2: RRP £10.00

I remember my mum using something similar to this a few years ago and all I used to think was wow, mum has designer skincare lol! Now that I've got the chance to use it, I know why she brought Lancome, its a powerhouse, as written in the Cohorted booklet. It's a serum that helps the skin glow and look younger, it targets fine lines, wrinkles, radiance and clarity. I love that it has hylauronic acid and probiotics in it because we all know how good they are for the skin!
DOUCCE Freematic Eye Shadow Palette: £50.00

To finish we have an eye shadow palette, which includes 12 shades, 6 matte, 6 shimmer and great for everyday. The shades are quite easy to wear and I think would be suited to most skin tones. They feel quite smooth and they do blend easily. The pigment, it is there but you do need to build it up to get an intense looking eye. My fave thing about the palette is the fact that its magnetic, yup, its the little things with me haha. But, with it being magnetic, you can mix and match shades, and of course, if you have any other magnetic shades laying around, you can put them in!

And there we have it for today, the worth of the October Box is £100.00, anything and everything Cohorted can be found on the Cohorted Website :)

Also, Cohorted have a little promotion going on at the moment, if you choose to sign up to the Subscripton box, you can receive a free Laura Mercier Lip Creme with code: COHORTEDGIFTME

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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