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3 From Kypris ♡

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Skincare, or makeup, makeup or skincare, which one are you more of? I would say I'm equally both, as much as I love makeup, your skin is for a lifetime and it has to be taken care of. At the end of the day, if you've got a good skincare routine down, you'll end up having the best base for your makeup. So, for the past month or so, I've been testing a few skincare items from KYPRIS. It's a brand that's always been on my wishlist but I've never got round to trying, but I've been seriously impressed ...

Before I get into any of the products, they all share one amazing quality, the packaging. It's glorious, its so so pretty. From the outer box to the actual tub/bottle, it has been thought out well. The boxes are white with gold embossing and detail, whilst the products either are simplistic, like the cleanser or burst with colour, such as the serum. Blue bottles are how I recognize that, the product is a KYPRIS product.
KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate (£61.00)* 

Let's start off with the cleanser, the very first step of cleansing (if you don't use a wipe or micellar water). This is a very rich and creamy cleanser, it contains moringa and probiotics, the moringa reminds me of the Emma Hardie Cleanser and has a similar scent. Okay, so, you're supposed to use it after initially removing your makeup and it will help dissolving dirt and impurities.
The very first time I used this, my skin felt very soft, smooth and clean. I know the 'clean' is a weird thing, but do you ever wash your face with a new cleanser and go, wow, my skin feels clean? The next day, my skin was actually glowing, like genuinely glowing and from there on, I knew this was a keeper. As the testing went on and the days went by, I did grow to love this. I thought it would be heavy, almost, for my skin because it is rich and I have combo/oily skin but it worked out okay. I do have spot prone skin and was nervous it would make it worse but it does say it's suitable for all skin tones and even for the most difficult of skins. I would definitely say that its worth it, it's something that has actually worked for my skin and you only need the littlest amount, which helps keep the product last for longer.

The Beauty Elixer II: Healing Bouquet (£77.00)* & The Moonlight Catalyst Serum (£74.00)* 

Although these are two completely individual products, I like to mix them because I find the Beauty Elixer too potent and strong to use on its own. It says you can, but I tried it one day and just didn't like it on its own. The Beauty Elixer is made up of active natural ingredients such as vitamin C and CoQ10 and made for combination, dry and irritated skin. It has a gorgeous scent, its beautiful and relaxing. I can only speak of it when mixed with the serum but I've realized any redness on my skin after cleansing gets a lot calmer and after looking at the press release, it is down to this because it does say that it helps reduce redness. Can I just add what my favourite thing about the elixer is, the pipette!!! I bloody love it, it's not your average pipette, its got a little curve, to be honest, it doesn't make much difference to the application because it all goes into the palm of my hand lol but it sure does amuse me!
Onto the last product, the Moonlight Catalyst Serum*, as I've said, I mix this the elixer but lets talk texture first. It's only meant to be used in the evening as the product works overnight and if used in the day, in conjunction with an exfoliator, irritation can occur. It is made for most skin types but works best for dull, tired and blemish prone skin.

It's very different to any other serum I've used. In the bottle and pipette, it looks very thick, but then when massaged onto the skin, its thin and doesn't feel thick, if that makes sense. This combined with elixer makes the perfect combination, for the past month, my skin has felt more plumped, refreshed and smooth and I can't really complain about that.
The one thing, I can't stand is the scent, I quickly massage it into the skin because I really don't get along with the smell, I can't really describe it but almost smells pickly, like a pickled gerkin, but not as intense! By the way, I love me a pickled gerkin, or a pickled onion!
The final verdict, I love them, yes they are very pricey, there's no denying that, but if you find something that works, you're more likely to purchase and purchase again. I will repurchase the elixer and serum again, the cleanser I probably won't, purely because I like to try out different cleansers. If you're interested in anything KYPRIS, I will leave a few links below as to where you can find out more about them:

KYPRIS: Cult Beauty
KYPRIS: Selfridges 
KYPRIS: Content Beauty Well being 

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


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