Wednesday, 6 September 2017

New In From PUR Cosmetics ♡

Hey Guys,

There have been so many beauty launches recently, I can't keep up. From new liquid lipsticks to new brand launches. But today, I'll be on about all things PUR Cosmetics, all things new. I've only ever tried one product from PUR, I think it was way back in the day and I wasn't really sure of what to make of it, I mean it did the job but I wasn't into beauty back then, as I am now! I was such a late bloomer to the real makeup world, I mean, as a kid, I would love playing with my mums makeup but I'm talking you tube videos, beauty guru's, the lot, I only got into when I was 19! I know, pretty late ...

Now, I can't lie with this one, when I saw it in the package I wasn't sure what to make of it, purely because I'm not a massive fan of foundations in general. However, this has surprised me, its pretty light on the skin but gives a light/ medium coverage. I wouldn't exactly say it 'perfected my skin' but it did do a good job of covering my pesky acne scars. It feels light on the skin and lasts a good 6 hours.

The Brush is very smooth, I've never used an oval brush before and wasn't really sure of how well it would work. It worked well, did the job of blending the foundation and making it look natural on the skin. But there were a few streaks which were annoying, but nothing a few more strokes of brushing couldn't get over.

Aaah, my faves, liquid lipsticks, I've banged on about LL's probably for the past year, I really can't help myself. These are different, they're not your typical liquidy lipsticks, they're almost of a mousse texture, so a little thicker. They have a matte finish but I don't agree with that because even if I've let the product dry for a good 15 mins, some colour will still come off when rubbed, so it does have that creamy texture. One thing, actually two things, I will vouch for is the application and pigment. The pigment is so rich and intense, one swipes goes far and beyond. The application, is a dream, the actual applicator is at an angle and has a pointed tip, which makes application easy and getting to those awkward lip angles aren't easy.

Obsessed: A lovely, natural pink.
Ever After: A darker pink, a shade deeper than Obsessed.
PUR On Point Lipliner (£16.00)* 

I've recently gotten into lip liners, I never used to be, but now a days, when I don't fancy wearing a liquid lip, I'll stroke on some lip liner, brush it in with a lip brush and go. I've used the Pur ones for a few weeks now and have become obsessed with the shade TUTU, its an everyday natural pink and adds a lovely flush to the lips. It's a matte finish and doesn't budge. But, but, my fave part has to be the fact that the sharpener is built into the lid, how cool. I'm easily impressed lol. But it just makes life easy, you twist, sharpen and go. There's also a See Thru shade, which is a clear lip liner, haven't got much use out of this really.
PUR Afterglow Illuminating Powder (£22.00)*

Now, as much as I love LL's, this has to be fave out of the bunch, purely because it's so iridescent. Its beautiful. It adds such a lovely glow to the tops of you cheekbones, but looks incredibly natural. It also helps that its quite easy to blend in!

And that's it for today's post, sorry its a day late, but there will also be a post up tomorrow, to help me get back on track. You can find anything PUR Cosmetics over on Feel Unique, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic.

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.


  1. This is a brand I haven't tried before but it looks like I definitely need to!!

    Amina xx |

  2. I've never tried anything from Pur before but I actually love the look of all these products so will have to give them a try! X



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