Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Summer Essentials ♡

Hey Guys,

I know, I know, we haven't had much of a Summer, here in the UK. It was pretty much non-existent, I mean we got a good week or two of sun, sweltering sun, but that was about it. None the less, I still have been living by a few essentials during the 'summer' and I thought I'd bring them onto the blog today. Actually, although there hasn't been much sun, today, the weather isn't so bad, it's about 26 Degrees, may not sound like much, but it's quite a lot to us haha, so this post may be somewhat apt. And anyway, even if it's not hot here, it is somewhere in the world right? ...

New Look Denim Skirt (£10.00)

I can't even lie about this one, I live in a denim skirt, all year round, whether that be with bare legs or jet black tights. It's such a versatile piece, you can wear it with pretty much any kind of top and its easy to put together. I think that's why I wear it so often, I feel put together even when I haven't tried! I brought this one last year in the New Look Sale, and if you haven't already guessed, I couldn't be happier lol!
Bright Nails

I don't know about you, but I tend to wear bright whites, and pinks on my nails during the Summer and then head into deep shade territory during the Autumn and Winter. I find bright nails so uplifting, and cheerful. It's actually quite amazing how much getting your nails done, or painting them yourself can put you in a much better mood, is that just me? I've been loving two shades by Roxanne Campbell Nails. Snow Fight (£10.00)* is a beautiful, snow flake white shade, whereas Sitting Pretty (£10.00)* is the complete opposite; a bright, glossy pink! The polishes have to be some of the best I've tried, they dry quickly and don't chip for about a week and a half, win win!

HP Sprocket

I think I've mentioned this on the blog before, but I have seriously been loving it during the summer. I got is as a birthday present because I never print pictures and I always feel so bad because, I love looking back at childhood photos with everyone and I want to do that when I'm older. Now, I can easily print them off, there and then!
A Nude Lip

I've been loving throwing on a nude lip, all summer. It's my go to! It's such an easy colour to wear and goes with everything. And, you can't really beat a classic nude.

Dainty Jewelry

I love dainty peices all year round, but there's something around the summer time where I love wearing gold pieces. Gold Bangles, Rings, Earrings, the lot. They add such a lovely quaint finish to any look.
Sleeping Mask

During the summer, the days get longer and the nights stay lighter, a little bit of poetry for you there, that's as good as my poetry skills get lol. Any who, I like popping a mask on before I hit my bed, because I'm an early sleeper and its still a little light outside and like to block our any light. I've been using the Proskins GOLD Eye Mask (£60.00)* I know it's quite pricey for an eye mask but get this, the mask features technology using 24K Gold, and hyaluronic acid to provide the eye area with hydration and moisture, whilst easing any eye wrinkles. My fave part is the fact that it has an adjustable strap, yep, I'm easily pleased lol. I don't know why, but most eye masks have a standard strap, and you've just got to make it work, even if its massive for your head. At least there's none of that with this!

And that's it for today, a few of my summer essentials. What have your's been?

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*= Products were gifted from the specified company, however all thoughts are my own.

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